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SalesLoft Product Release: 16 Feature Enhancements

January 25, 2016

We love our customers. The #1 reason we exist as a business is to make our customers successful. We are relentless about providing an exceptional experience which is why customer feedback is so critical. What makes us different as an organization? Our passion for the customer, ability to understand their needs, and speed executing on these needs.

The Salesloft development team moves fast. How fast? Just last week we pushed 9 new big releases in 7 days. This week we were hyper focused on tackling the highest user-requested enhancements to make your lives easier, more efficient, and ultimately, more successful.

A favorite motto of the Product/Development team is Do More, Faster. Using agile methodology, we strive to deliver value to the customer as quickly as possible. Sometimes that means there are things we’ve overlooked, but lucky for us, we have a passionate customer base. By staying close to our customers, having empathy for their needs, and having the resources to execute, we are excited to share our most recent enhancements.

You asked, we listened.

Let’s take a look:

1. Increased Send Limit

We understand everyone has a unique process and our desire is to support them all. That said, we are now offering more flexibility within the workflow. You asked — we listened. Users can now send up to 1,000 emails per day through Salesloft!

Admins can, however, adjust the daily per-user limit in the “Email Limit” tab of your team settings.

Increased Send Limit (1)

Please remember there are Gmail and Outlook send limits and abuse policies that still must be followed. Keep an eye out for our best practices behind this increase in sending limits.

2. Live Feed Updates

Knowing what happened to whom and when is vital to staying on top of your people. Now, not only will you see person name and activity in your live feed update, but you’ll see we’ve added title, company name, and cadence name to the activity feed.

Never be left in the dark again. Both the dashboard and the drop down live feeds will reflect this enhancement.

Live Feed Updates (2)

Live Feed Updates (3)

Live Feed Updates (4)

3. Hyperlinked Images

This was the #1 request by our users on the idea exchange. It sounds simple. However, like most things in the product world, there’s always hidden complexity. Nonetheless, we’ve prevailed, and now users can hyperlink images on emails, templates, and signatures!

Hyperlinking Images (5)

linking images (6)

4. Editing A Note

“Why can I not edit my note?” Asked every user ever… Well, now you can! By clicking the edit button to the right of every note (either in the note tab or activity feed of a person or company page) you can make your edits, save them, and see them reflected in both feeds.

Editing a note (7)

Editing a note (8)

5. Sorting By Company Name On A Cadence Step

Why did we not think about this when we first added sorting to steps? This is why we depend on you, the user, to keep us informed on what we may have left out. Because of your feedback, users can now sort their steps by company name.

Sorting by company name (9)

Sorting by company name (10)

6. Changing Person Stage On A Call Step

Keeping the stage in the same process stage that your people are on is critical. Knowing where they live in the opportunity lifetime, and then mapping this information over to Salesforce allows for transparency within your organization. Now, users can change the stage of their people on a call step.

Person Stage (11)

Person Stage (12)

7. Template Analytics Shown By Default

When we first pushed our new Template List View, the left navigation bar was still present. Because of this, there wasn’t enough enough room to add the template analytics in the list view by default. But the recent release of our new Top Navigation Bar provided the room we needed. By popular request, you can now view template analytics from the list view without having to hover over the graph icon.

(The left is the before, and right is after).

Template Analytics (13)

8. Confirmation Notification Relocation

Remember those incredibly annoying confirmation notifications that always seemed to be right in front of where you needed to click next? The ones that forced you to wait until they decided to disappear before you could move on to the next step? Well, we are pleased to officially announce the redesign and relocation of those notifications — to a place that is much less annoying.


Confirmation Relocation (14)


Confirmation Relocation (15)

9. Email Dynamic Tags For Companies

Two weeks ago, we released the Company Tab to support the Account Based Sales Development model — a highly requested release.

Email Dynamic Tags (17)

Email Dynamic Tags (17)

Email Dynamic Tags (18)

Users now have the ability to insert dynamic tags based on the company fields directly into their emails and templates:

Email Dynamic Tags (20)

10. Email Tag Error Messages

Originally, when users tried to send emails to multiple people — and the template used dynamic fields absent from one or more people — the user received a warning. This warning however, did not inform the user which fields were empty. Now, it does.

Email Tag Errors (21)

11. Pagination Of Activity Tab On People And Companies

Last week, we pushed the new Activity Feed and received great feedback, with the exception of decreased performance (due to the activity feed’s length). We addressed this performance issue in two ways: first, by optimizing the backend to pull the data more efficiently, and secondly, by paginating the feed so that only the most recent 15 activities are shown, by default. Users can then see more activities, if needed, by simply clicking the “More Activities” button at the bottom of the page.

Pagination (22)

12. Filter And Sort Summaries on Cadence and Company List Views

Last week, we added filter summaries to the Template List View. This week, we’ve added the same functionality to the company and cadence list views. Users can now see a summary of their current filter, and sort settings in real-time, to know what they are viewing. These can be easily cleared to go back to default settings.

Filter and sort (22)

13. Warning On Import When A Person Has No Email Address

People in a cadence are uniquely identified by their email address. Because of this, it’s necessary for a person to have an email address to successfully import them. Previously, upon import, there was no way to know if any of the people were missing an email address. Users are now notified of the missing email address, so there’s no surprise when the person fails to import.

Warning on import (23)

14. Deleting A Success

With the new “Success” button feature, users can now log a success — and track what step it took place during — for better reporting (right around the corner), insights, and transparency within the workflow. We did not, however, include the ability to delete a success if an error was made. Users now have the ability to delete the most recent success, allowing for a more flexible workflow.

Deleting a success (24)

15. Back Button On Person And Company Profile View

A back button — makes sense right? Apparently we overlooked this simple feature when ideating the new Person and Company Profile Pages. But fear not, as we have now added this functionality back to the new views. Users can now navigate back their previous page while on the person or company profile pages by using the left caret button in the top left corner.

Back button (25)

16. Email Dynamic Tag “Timezone”

When creating an email template, it’s critical to be quick, intentional, and empowered. Dynamic tags allow users to insert fields specific to their people into emails and templates, allowing for the copy to be more dynamic — with minimal effort.

Users now have the ability to insert the timezone (automatically populated) of their people into an email or template to cater the timezone requested to that of their person.

Timezone (26)

timezone (27)

Our product team just finished week two of a 4-week push to deliver more value than ever to you, our customers. Last week we pushed out 9 new features in 7 days, and this week (in addition to working on a few more big releases) we’re extremely excited about these 16 user-requested enhancements.

To say that we’re dedicated to improving the lives of our customers is an understatement — and each of these features embody that dedication. That said, the improvements and releases don’t stop here. We’ve got more big features on the way, so stay tuned next week for another product update.

Now it’s time to get back to work…