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Twitter joins SalesLoft’s Sales Engagement Ecosystem

May 25, 2017

Account-based engagement requires sales teams to have a deeper and richer understanding of their target companies. We’ve all been drilled on the importance of understanding our customers – their pain points, their goals, their motivations. But it’s important to remind ourselves that understanding target company dynamics also offers insights that can be used to personalize sales engagement, not to mention the possibility of uncovering whole new opportunities.

Companies have adopted Twitter to engage directly with their customer-base as well to socialize their message with their respective audiences. Just scan a company’s Twitter feed and it’s readily apparent that there are a good deal of contextual insights that can be garnered from their tweets. That’s why we’ve partnered with Twitter to create a new Smart Panel to embed a company’s Twitter feed into your company dashboards.

The company dashboard gives sales teams visibility into accounts and the ability to coordinate and act on an intelligent account-based strategy across their entire organization. Twitter’s Smart Panel joins a growing list of companies including InsideView and Owler offering an embedded experience within the Salesloft company dashboard. Sellers working with Smart Panels improve efficiency by aggregating insights in a single location without the need to navigate between different applications.

Twitter Blown Up

About Salesloft Smart Panels

Smart Panels surface critical sales insights and intelligence so that sales teams can better understand, connect and engage with their customers. Smart Panels are embedded within the Salesloft company dashboard to provide in-the-moment contextual insights and support Salesloft’s vision of supporting personalization through the sales cycle at scale.

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey. We’re always excited to hear your feedback on our new enhancements. For more information check out Salesloft University or our Knowledge Base articles.