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The Salesloft and Truly Integration is Now Live

June 17, 2020

Salesloft and Trulya premier enterprise voice platform for sales, account management, and customer success teams – have partnered to bring together a native integration for their mutual customers. 

Frictionless dialing

Salesloft and Truly customers have had to rely on a disparate dialing and sales engagement experience. This forced reps to manage their Cadence call steps outside of Salesloft and left Sales Operations teams to unify call data and Cadence data from two separate platforms. 

Until now. 

Now, mutual customers have a unified interface for logging, tracking dispositions, and updating calls that works whether reps work in Salesloft, Salesforce, or Truly. The call information is pushed across all systems in a single format to maintain accurate call logging data and simplify reporting. 

“The recent move to working from home has made it more important than ever to deliver a great rep experience and ensure that data is making it through to all of the company’s systems.  This is the first integration of its kind in the sales engagement space, and we’re delighted to play a part in setting a new standard.” – Erol Toker, Truly CEO

A seamless experience

Salesloft and Truly have partnered to create a unified dialing and sales engagement experience. This native integration weaves the Truly Phone System directly into Salesloft. This enables reps to execute Salesloft Cadence call steps directly from Salesloft by opening the Truly dialer. 

“This has been something our customers had been asking for over many years, as they looked to build a ‘best-of-breed’ sales stack that balances the power of cadencing for outbound prospecting teams, and the reliability/support/standardization of a phone system that’s deployed across the entire company.” – Erol Toker, Truly CEO

Click to Call

Truly fits directly into your reps’ workflow. You can ensure 100% of their activity flows through to Salesloft without any additional work.

Log to Salesloft and Trigger Automation

Completed calls are logged in the Truly app and pushed back to Salesloft (and Salesforce and ZenDesk). Users can configure as many dispositions as they wish Truly’s rich call dispositions. 

Progress your Cadence steps as calls are logged. Select from multiple field types to trigger automation. 

Track Activity

Call activities are tracked back to the Activity Feed on the People and Account pages. This way reps can track past activities and keep their teams updated.

And more!

  • Automatic, real-time CRM sync: Ensure there is a 1:1 mapping of all activity against Salesloft, Salesforce, Zendesk, and other systems.
  • Integrated voice, text, and MMS: See engagement across all inbound and outbound channels.
  • Inbound platform: Distribute calls across your team, improve connect rates, and report on your inbound funnel.

Salesloft is excited to announce this integration. It is the first of its kind that allows data to flow across all systems of record without forcing reps to adhere to inflexible workflows. Learn more about the Truly integration in the Salesloft App Directory