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SalesLoft Product Release: A/B Testing and People List (V2!)

May 9, 2016

As the selling landscape evolves, it’s becoming more and more critical every day to communicate with your buyers personally and intentionally. To accomplish this, sellers must be able to quickly organize their people by similar personas, create custom messaging for those personas, and then test those messages at scale.

Salesloft is excited to announce our May release: A/B testing and two brand new People Lists!

Users are now able to search, filter, assign ownership, tag, and quickly organize their people into persona segments. With A/B testing, users are able to create variants of any cadence step (phone, email, and social) and evenly distribute their people among variants to uncover what messaging is converting more effectively.

Check out the video below to learn more! And don’t wait another second to get started… Head over to and check out the most recent enhancements. For any other questions, check out the Knowledgebase or email [email protected].


Hey guys — Sean with Salesloft. I’m here with another major Salesloft product release.

Sellers are constantly looking for better ways to connect with their buyers. And let’s face it: things have gotten complicated. From champions, to influencers… all the way to decision makers: segmenting personas and structuring your touchpoint model is critical to converting accounts.

Historically, this has been a challenge for both sales and marketing teams, alike. Well fear no more: with the newest Salesloft release, creating prospect segments and testing your messaging has never been easier.

Regardless if your influencer is in IT, and your buyer is in marketing — efficiently segment based on persona, inject them into your outbound process, and test your messaging for the highest conversion.

Salesloft is excited to announce our May release catered specifically to the needs of persona based sellers.

Introducing the new Salesloft people list and A/B testing releases. 
Users are now able to perform their persona based workflow through people organization, segmentation, and execution. With the new people list, users can tag their people based on persona-specific criteria, quickly and efficiently create persona segments, and immediately inject them into their workflow process.

Create cadences with messaging catered to each persona and A/B test your outbound touch points. With Salesloft’s A/B Testing, create variants of email, phone, and other steps with the ability to track analytics, and ultimately uncover which messages convert.

Why does this matter?

Optimizing your messaging helps pinpoint what is working and what may need improvement. Double down on your best messaging to increase connects and ultimately drive more conversions.

For more info on this release check out the KnowledgebaseWant to get your hands on the new new? Head over to

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