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Maintain Focus and Accelerate Sales With Tasks

June 29, 2020

Tasks is a new feature that helps you manage one-off activities in Salesloft outside of a Cadence. Tasks combines the best of Reminders and Automatic Activity Logging in a single, convenient solution.

Salesloft Tasks in Salesforce Connect

With Tasks, you can schedule, execute, and log every one-off customer engagement across the revenue lifecycle:

  • SDRs: Is your contact saying it’s not the right time? Schedule a follow-up and ensure you don’t let prospects slip through the cracks.
  • AEs: Keep your deals from stalling by scheduling helpful reminders to stay engaged with each member of a buying committee.
  • CS: Helping multiple customers at once? Use Tasks to stay on track so each customer feels heard and knows you’re keeping them top of mind.

Below are three examples of how Tasks can help you generate pipeline, manage deals, and engage customers.

Generate Pipeline: Keeping Your Prospect Pool Full

Cadences are proven tools to orchestrate a multi-touch, multi-channel outbound prospecting process. But when you hear things like, “We don’t have the budget right now,” or “call back in 3 months,” what should you do next?

With Tasks, you can both honor your prospect’s timeline and track one-off follow-up activity in your CRM. When the scheduled time arrives, Tasks notifies you to restart the conversation, helping you work your prospect pool at the right time.

Manage Deals: Engaging the Entire Buying Committee

When you’re in a deal cycle, engaging your prospects becomes increasingly customized and time-sensitive. You also gain new contacts as you work with IT, Legal, and Procurement to carry deals across the finish line. These factors contribute to the complexity and care needed to handle each opportunity.

That’s why every AE must be a bona fide project manager. And every good project manager knows that to run an engagement smoothly, the myriad of one-off tasks needs to be properly scheduled, include the right stakeholders, and be documented when completed.

With Tasks, you can set reminders to follow up with every buying committee member and immediately execute each communication. By helping stakeholders complete action items on time, you’ll prevent deals from stalling. Completed Tasks will automatically log to Salesloft and your CRM so everyone on your team can stay up to date on deal progress.

Engage Customers: Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences

A Customer Success Manager can make or break a customer’s experience, and customers want their questions and issues addressed without having to ask twice. Use Tasks to make them feel heard. Follow up with every customer request or ticket in a timely manner, all while keeping track of your interactions.

Requests can range from simple to complex and each may require a different timeframe for follow-up. In any case, Tasks can support each one-off touchpoint and help you provide the personalized experience every customer deserves.

Coming Soon

Future updates will help you schedule and execute Tasks in more places across the Salesloft platform. You’ll also be able to filter and sort Tasks directly from your Salesloft homepage.