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Talent Wins Games, Team (Cadences) Win Trophies

July 7, 2017

Salesloft cadences allow you to codify your organization’s sales process. It’s the cornerstone of a scalable process. By combining phone, email, and social touches, sales professionals are able to focus on sincere communication while automating their non-revenue generating activities.

We understand for sales to be effective, there must be a thread of consistency. Once performance is trackable, and shows need, the process can be improved across the whole organization.

That is why we are incredibly excited to introduce team cadences. Cadences can now be managed across an entire group, team, and organization.

Team cadences are built for scale. “[Team cadences] allow for sales leaders and managers to dynamically change the entire team’s cadence & templates on the fly without team members having to delete their own cadence / re-copying, or each individual rep having to make those minor/major changes to their cadences & templates.” said one early access customer.

Now, with team cadences, admins get the ability to control and disperse an entire multi-step communication process to all users, through one central cadence. Any changes made to the cadence will be reflected for all users putting people through that cadence. Test and optimize to ensure the most effective cadence is being used. Accelerate the contribution time of new team members through consistency.

Build a library of account-based or persona-based cadences and segment which users have access across your team. Scale your sales strategy no matter the size of your team. Enable your entire sales organization using the best process and strategy.


Creation of a team cadence:
Sales Leader creates a team cadence. Only those users who have admin permissions will be able to create

Promotion of a team cadence:
Admin users of those with the appropriate permissions can promote an individual cadence to a team cadence.

Editing a team cadence:
If team cadence gets changed by the admin/owner, it will be changed for all users using that team cadence.

Using a team cadence:
Those without the admin permissions will not be able to edit the steps or make changes to templates but will, however, be able to customize any email before sending.

See how Salesloft has embraced Team Cadences and what a game-changer it’s been for our sales organization.

We are grateful to have you here with us on our journey to provide you with the most comprehensive sales engagement platform. We are always excited to hear your feedback. Please check out Salesloft University for more information. If you have any additional questions pleases check out the Knowledge Base.