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Fall ’21 Launch | Introducing the Modern Revenue Workspace™

September 6, 2021

Welcome to the Fall ’21 edition of the Salesloft Product Update, and this one is a doozy! In this post, we’ll share all the features and enhancements included in this launch.

Fall ’21 Highlights

Introducing The Modern Revenue Workspace™

A workspace where Conversations, Deals, and Cadence are combined in intuitive workflows so each capability is there, in the moment, just where you need them. And this is just the start.

New workflows include:

Certain features require Deals and/or Conversations


Conversation Enhancements: Enhanced Transcription Engine

New and enhanced capabilities make it easier to identify buyer and market trends and coaching opportunities to set more meetings, build more pipeline, speed up deal cycles, and improve your chances of winning.

An Intuitive User Experience

Our refreshed platform is so much more than just a color palette update. We want our customers to love the way they sell. A major part of that is a robust yet intuitive platform. As part of the update, you may have noticed that we’ve simplified certain elements, such as the search bar and icons, so you can focus on each page’s most critical items without sacrificing a content-rich experience.

More Fall ’21 Product Updates

CRM Owner Filter & Column and Saved Views on People and Accounts List: Accurate account ownership is vital for the sales organization to work opportunities effectively. However, personnel changes or incorrect syncing configurations can leave ownership of accounts and people inaccurate, or worse yet, unassigned.

Convert Personal Snippets to Team Snippets: Share your success by easily sharing your most successful snippets with your team or multiple teams in just a few clicks.

Meeting Buffers, Automatic Invitees, and Logging to CRM: Set up your custom buffer time, beyond the standard 15-minutes and easily share your availability. When adding invitees to a meeting, Salesloft will provide recommended internal stakeholders as you type. Also, gain additional insight and reduce manual tasks by automatically logging additional event information to your CRM from Google calendar.

Customize Your Outcomes Dashboard: Surface your most-valued data and insights to the forefront by rearranging the panels on your Outcomes Dashboard, increasing the number of reps you can see at a glance, so you can dig deeper into the presented metrics.

Accounts in Mobile: Execute from anywhere with the ability to access, update, and contact your Salesloft Accounts quickly and easily through the mobile app.

New Activity Feed: Your Activity Feed has been optimized with advanced filtering, quick actions, pinned notes, and review content directly from your Person and Account pages!

SHAKEN/STIR Registration(A) (Coming soon): Now the carrier registration process for SHAKEN/STIR is so much easier!  Within Salesloft, you will now be able to submit and manage the carrier registration process.

Cadence Enhancements:
  • Outlook Insert Availability (Coming soon):Take the guesswork out of meeting scheduling with insert availability for Outlook users.

Now even more Salesloft users can take full advantage of the value of Conversations with our expanded support for the video conferencing provider,

Google Meet(A) ! We’re also updating the Zoom integration(A) (Coming soon) to connect via native APIs to improve stability, reliability and take full advantage of their native features and functionality.

Salesforce Opportunity Sync for Conversations(A): Get better visibility and easier access to Conversations data with Opportunity Field filters to quickly surface important calls in-app.

One-off Actions: Engage with your buying committee, directly from Deals! With one-off actions you can call, email, text, and even book meetings with each stakeholder in every Deal View.

Progression Indicators: As a sales leader, you have to be in the know whenever your revenue forecasts change. And just as important is knowing why it’s changed. With Progression Indicators, you’ll know immediately which opportunities have updated opportunity stages, amounts, and closed dates that have impacted your projected number.

Multi-currency in Deals: Running an international business? Dealing with multiple currency types in your CRM? Good news! Salesloft Deals now will automatically mirror the currency types you have set for each individual opportunity record in Salesforce.

Outcome Metrics: Maximize your Cadence performance by finding the steps and channels generating the outcomes that lead to revenue, meetings booked and opportunities created.

Automation Rules Improvements(A): Simplify your Automation Rule criteria by leveraging Salesloft Groups or route records to their appropriate owners with the single line ‘CRM Owner ID is SL user’.

Platform Enhancements:

And check out our new integration partners!

  • Drift for Salesloft: Gain visibility into the activities of your target accounts and communicate with buyers in a hyper-personalized way.
  • Alyce: Deliver personal experiences to your prospects by inviting them to engage with a specially chosen gift that can help you build stronger relationships and connections.
  • Highways: Keep all your communication in one place by effortlessly and automatically syncing conversations from chat tools such as Intercom, Drift, Front, and LiveChat to your Salesloft instance.
  • Hippo Video: Easily add videos to Salesloft emails, snippets, templates, and cadences to make every touchpoint impactful – boost response rates, book more meetings, and close deals 3x faster.
  • Leadjet: Turn any of your LinkedIn prospects into a Salesloft contact & send them to your desired cadence in 1-click.
  • Productiv: Understand how your organization is using SaaS applications with deep, real-time user engagement.
  • Sales Hood: Give your sellers access to the sales enablement library directly in Salesloft.  Find, share, and track the content that your sellers need to close more deals faster.
  • Salesbolt: Create new accounts, leads, or contacts and directly add them into a Salesloft Cadence – all without leaving LinkedIn through Salesbolt’s connection with Salesloft.
  • Identify B2B prospects and verify their direct dials and emails in real-time.
  • Sparklane: Leverage AI to generate leads and get the right account recommendations in Salesloft at the right time based on Business Signals scored by AI.


We strongly recommend you consult the Knowledge Base articles linked above. If you need more assistance, check out our on-demand product update video for a detailed overview. Also, free to reach out to [email protected] for more information—we’re here to help!


(A)Features require configuration by your team’s Salesloft Admin