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November ’20 Launch | Custom Reporting + Activity Visualization

November 2, 2020

Welcome to the November 2nd edition of the Salesloft Product Update. In this post, we’ll share all the features and enhancements included in this launch.

What do I need to know?

Here are two tips to help you navigate this announcement.

  • Features with ** next to them require configuration by your team’s Salesloft Admin.
  • Watch our webinar that walks through the update and ask questions in the Q&A Forum.

Salesloft Launch Highlights

Configure your analytics with Custom Reports

customize your salesloft analytics

We don’t say this lightly; this is a game-changer. Enjoy massive efficiency and usability improvements with:

  • Advanced Filters
  • Column Management
  • Saved Views
  • “Display By” Filters

Coming this week to your Team Calls Report and to the rest of your Analytics Reports soon.

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Visualize activity across your book of business

Salesloft Account Activity Data Visualization

Gain quick yet robust insight about account activity with the “Activity Last 30 Days” column in the Accounts List. This graph summarizes the volume of booked meetings, prospect activity, and rep activity for each account.

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Track email personalization to boost response rates

Salesloft Email Personalization Analytics

Personalized sales emails create better buying experiences than generic mass emails. Get insight into what level of personalization optimizes response rates for your sellers.

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Product Updates

List Import Improvements: Save time and assign a contact to a cadence directly from a CSV file during import. In addition, the import CSV page has a recent facelift.


User Management**: Admins! Managing Salesloft users is 10x easier with new filter, sort, search, and pagination capabilities. For our admins overseeing a large number of Salesloft users, you should notice significantly improved page performance and functionality!

Import People and Account API: Using a custom CRM integration with Salesloft? No need to worry about Salesloft’s API rate limit anymore! With this new API endpoint, you can import a large list of people and/or accounts asynchronously with just a single API call.

Auto Mapping of Standard Fields for New Salesforce Customers**: New customers using Salesforce! Decrease setup time and limit CRM syncing errors with auto-mapping of standard fields for Salesforce.

Voicemail in Mobile App: Receive a notification on your device when one of your contacts leaves you a voicemail, so you never miss an engagement from your contacts. Listen to the voicemail directly from the Salesloft Mobile App for iOS.


And check out our new integration partners!

  • 6sense: Execute the right sales play at the right time. Arm your sales team with the account data and insights they need to engage the right buyers. 6sense gives sales reps deep account insights within CRM, and they can add key buyers into the appropriate Salesloft Cadence with just a click.
  • MonsterConnect: Save time while completing your overdue phone call tasks. Connect with 8-12 decision-makers per hour without the need to dial. MonsterConnect imports all your open phone call tasks from the Cadence steps you select. From there, our agents do the rest. You’ll only have to talk when your lead is on the phone.
  • Vertify: React to leads and replies ASAP with visibility into what information and campaign leads have viewed the most. Vertify helps you get the most out of your data by connecting Salesloft to your CRM or MAP tool.

Additional product enhancements:

  • Google Meetings: New meetings admin controls for Google Meet links in invites.
  • EWS Admin Setting**: Choose impersonation or delegation when setting up your EWS service account.
  • Autosave Email per Contact in Cadence: Never lose personalization as you work through your cadence.
  • Salesforce Connect: Backend improvements offering faster load times.
  • People Permissions**: Admins can now apply separate create and edit user permissions.


We strongly recommend you consult the Knowledge Base articles linked above. If you need more assistance, watch our on-demand webinar for a detailed overview with Q&A available in our User Forum. Also, free to reach out to [email protected] for more information—we’re here to help!