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August ’20 Launch | Account-Based Selling with Salesloft

August 10, 2020

We’re officially in the second half of 2020 with some new quarantine skills – whether you learned to make furniture, grew a garden, started collecting baseball cards, or learned to relax (or none, no one here is judging you) – welcome to the wind-down. It’s been 6 weeks since we last connected, so here we are again, giving our amazing Salesloft community a product update. It consists of new features and enhancements to drive your account-based approach, manage your sales teams, and respond to your customers’ needs.

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For anyone new to Salesloft, we share this Product Update to streamline communications and let you know when to expect information on new and updated capabilities.

What do I need to know?

Here are some tips to help you navigate this announcement.

  • Features with ** next to them require configuration by your team’s Salesloft Admin.
  • We made it easy to learn more about any feature covered in this announcement. Simply click the linked Knowledge Base article.
  • Watch our webinar that walks through the contents of the update and ask questions in the Q&A Forum.

Special Announcements

Improve Your Account-Based Selling with These 4 Features

New Account-Based features in Salesloft give reps an efficient way to engage their target accounts throughout the sales process:

account based workflow

Looking for even more Account-Based features in Salesloft? Read our Tactical Guide to Executing Account-Based plays with Salesloft.

Product Updates

Deals Summary | Front-Line Manager View**: Front-line managers, start here! Quickly forecast your team’s expected performance and proactively manage their pipeline. Identify risks early and lead your team to victory.

View and Action People from an Account: Execute your account-based activities with fewer clicks. Easily hone in on the People you need to take action with. Now you can drill down into People at your accounts from the Accounts List and Account Page.

Tasks: Tasks are now in Salesloft! Find your Tasks panel on the Cadence Dashboard and on the Person and Account Pages. Create or edit a Task and schedule reminders. Execute call and email steps directly from the Task. Salesloft logs the completed activity to your CRM.

Coming Soon! Send Automated Emails on the Weekend: Increase your speed to lead during non-working hours. Use the Send on Weekends setting in your Cadence email automation rules to automatically respond to inbound leads that come through over the weekend.

Usability enhancements:

Inbound Voicemail: You now have inbound voicemail in Salesloft. Your prospects and customers are able to call your direct line and leave a message. Whether you’re on a call or not available, your voicemails are easy to spot so you can quickly follow-up on missed calls.

Improving CRM Mirroring | Salesforce Merges For Person Records**: Easily and automatically mirror your Salesloft Person records with Salesforce contact and lead records after a merge. Once enabled, your Salesloft instance recognizes any new merges that occur in your connected Salesforce instance.

And check out our new integrations!

“Display By” Filter: Enjoy even more flexibility in your reporting with a new “Display By” filter that summarizes your Analytics report by user, group, or blocks of time (e.g., days, weeks, months). Starting with your Team Calls report and coming soon to the rest of your Analytics reports.

Insights Enhancement:

  • Date Filter Enhancements: Get your analytics for 3 commonly used date periods, faster. Check your progress on quarterly and annual goals while seeing if you’re activity is headed in the right direction. Then get a monthly baseline by checking your last month’s full results.

Meetings enhancements:

  • Calendar Sync for Office 365: Sync calendar events and updates for meetings scheduled with Salesloft contacts back to Salesloft integrated systems.
  • Coming Soon! Lofting Google Calendar Invites: Cut out the middleman and automatically sync meetings booked through your calendar from Gmail, back to Salesloft, by Lofting the calendar invite just as you would an email.


We strongly recommend you consult the Knowledge Base articles linked above. If you need more assistance, watch our on-demand webinar for a detailed overview with Q&A available in our User Forum. Also, free to reach out to [email protected] for more information—we’re here to help!