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SalesLoft Product Release: New Cadence Workflow and Automation

June 7, 2016

We’re excited to announce our June product release, created just for you!

We’ve been hustling like crazy to deliver a brand new Cadence Workflow (for all users) and Step Automation (for beta teams).

The new cadence workflow allows users to navigate anywhere in the application, while always having access to their steps. They’ll be able to run steps with more flexibility, access more insights (like news articles), and benefit from an enhanced ability to manage context while engaging with prospects.

Step automation, releasing to Beta teams, allows users to set a Cadence and have it run automatically, from step to step, so they can spend more time engaging in creative and meaningful ways to interact with their top tier sales accounts and prospects.

Don’t wait another second to get started. Head over to and check out the most recent enhancements. For any questions check out the Knowledgebase or email [email protected].

Hey guys, Sean with Salesloft. It’s June and we have been grinding to push out even more high quality enhancements and releases created just for you.

We have a lot to cover, so let’s dive in!

We shadowed our customers, watched them execute their cadences, and solicited a ton of feedback on their processes. Based on our learnings we’ve designed a brand new workflow process for your sales engagement.

We’re so excited to announce our new Cadence workflow now available for all users!

Running your cadences has never been easier. By moving the workflow into the side pane, you can navigate to any page within the application while executing steps. The new cadence workflow was created to give you more flexibility, access to insights like news articles, and enhanced ability to manage context while you’re engaging with prospects.

But there is still more…

We know the best sellers in the world communicate with personalization to top tier accounts. Teams are tiering their accounts to hyper focus their activities.

  • Tier 1’s get hyper personalization.
  • Tier 2’s get a mix of personalization and account specific templatized messaging.
  • Tier 3’s can be automated with catered templates saving time and resources.

That’s why we are so excited to announce our step automation release now available for Beta teams.

This allows you to set a Cadence and have it run automatically from step to step so you can spend more time engaging in creative and meaningful ways with your prospects.

We’re not here to tell you what’s new — we’re here to tell you what works. And delivering personalization, sincerity and professionalism at scale is the key to success in sales development.

For a more comprehensive look into Salesloft’s internal SDR process, download our free playbook and optimize your sales efforts to start crushing your sales development goals today.