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Group Hierarchies: Your Quick Start Guide

May 17, 2020

Before we hop in, you’ll need to have admin access to your Salesloft instance to properly set-up Group Hierarchies.

Show Group Hierarchy Settings

Group Hierarchies makes it easier to manage and measure different parts of your revenue organization while helping reps find relevant team content (such as team cadences, templates, and snippets), faster. Let’s face it, no organization is immune to content proliferation. And with that comes the challenges of distributing the right content and making it easily findable by your reps. Don’t worry, Salesloft has you covered. By setting up your Group Hierarchies in Salesloft, you can align your sales engagement platform with your company org chart to simplify the user experience of not only locating targeted team content, but also pulling down relevant analytics. Let’s walk through how you can get started today.

Getting Started

Create a group hierarchy in Salesloft

Are you the Salesloft Admin? Are you starting from scratch? Been a while since you’ve modified your Group settings? Head over to your trusty Salesloft Knowledge Base to:

Benefits Across Your Revenue Organization

As your organization expands in size, targeted industries, and/or product lines, Salesloft is here to support your growth and beyond. Here’s how aligning Salesloft to fit your revenue organization’s structure can inject even more efficiency into your sales process:

SDRs and AEs

Find the team content you need, faster! Save precious time by immediately surfacing only the team cadences, snippets, and templates that’s relevant to your customers and prospects.

Sales Managers

See your team’s performance to ensure your groups are delivering on their quarter. Drill down into each sub-team or individual to pinpoint where you should be investing your time.


Distribute and manage your team content to the right groups to ensure the right message reaches the right audience.

Sales Ops and Admins

Build out your revenue org so each individual, team, and business leader can get what they need.

Seamless Transitions Across Your Revenue Teams

Imagine this. Marketing creates team content and messaging aligned to specific products, customer types, or industries. Team Email Snippets and Templates are created in Salesloft to be distributed to the sellers that need it. A seller on your sales team goes to drop in a team template for the specific segment they are assigned to, and those same team snippets and templates are exactly what pulls up as they click to insert content into their prospect email. Delivering the right message while saving time and giving the sales team more time to engage with more customers.

Afterward, sales managers head into Salesloft Analytics and immediately pull-up the activities and results of all groups that report into them. If they lead multiple teams, they can filter down by each sub-team (and individual contributor) and really drill into what’s working and what needs more attention. Available across all areas of Salesloft Analytics.

We’re grateful to have you here with us on this journey and we hope you feel the #saleslove in this post. We work hard to provide revenue-generating teams with the tools, insights, and capabilities you need to evolve and thrive.
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