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SalesLoft Feature Updates – November 2015

November 17, 2015

Hey Lofters​, with the holiday season fast approaching, our goal is to help you connect and manage prospect preferences to ensure more time for Thanksgiving fun!

From our team to yours, we’re thankful for your business and, most importantly, your insight in building the best Sales Development platform.

Here’s The 411

Salesloft LocalDial allows you to automatically call your prospects from an area code familiar to them, increasing your call connect rate by up to 400%! Learn more about the magic of LocalDial here.

Opt-In for Opt-Out Links
You asked and we listened! You now have the option to add Opt-Out Links to all Cadences.

Check out more updates to the Platform:
Dynamic Filtering & Sorting of Cadences
Managing Prospects in Bulk with the “Select All” Feature

Lofting Lesson Recap
Learn How to Break the Ice on Cold Calls using LocalDial and other phone techniques!

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