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SalesLoft Feature Updates 6/18/14 – Now Easier to Find Prospects

June 18, 2014

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
-Coach Phil Jackson, Chicago Bulls

This is a great quote, even if you’re not into sports (and not all of us here at Salesloft are…). Team dynamics aren’t just important for athletes — they can also cause companies to fail or succeed. So we work hard to make sure the lines of communication are open; this is a strategy we wanted to relay to our clients by making it easier to share prospects and lists!

Moving Prospects

You can now move prospects to ANY list; not just to yours, but also to your teammates’! Just check the box next to the prospect(s) you would like to move, click the “Move to List” button, and select a list from your teammate’s drop-down. Easy!

62014 SS1a 62014 SS2b

And just so nobody gets confused, when you move a prospect to another list, you will see a green message box pop up at the top of the page, confirming that you’ve relocated that prospect:

62014 SS3

Copying Prospects

Sometimes you just want to share a prospect with another team member, and now you can do that!  Just like moving a prospect, you check the box next to the prospect(s), click the “Copy to List” button, and select a list from your teammate’s drop-down. Now you will both be able to see that prospect!

62014 SS4

Prospect to Teammates’ Lists

vWhat if you see a prospect who you know would be a perfect match for a team member? Or what if your role is to collect prospects for others? In the spirit of full cooperation (sing it with us now: Kumbaya!), you can now prospect directly to a team member’s list, not just your own!

In the same drop-down menu where you select your own lists, you can now scroll to your team members’ lists and select one of those instead:

62014 SS5

This option exists in both the Salesloft extension and inside professional networks via the Salesloft menu, so you can prospect to another list wherever you are!

NOTE: There is such a thing as too much sharing — if you’ve been prospecting into a team member’s list, just make sure to change back to yours when you’re finished. :]