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SalesLoft At Your Fingertips – Literally

July 11, 2019

Enjoy the power of Salesloft on your mobile device with Salesloft mobile, available for download from the iOS store.

  • Make, take, and notate Salesloft calls
  • Manage contacts and view profile information

Salesloft Mobile

A Mobile World

In 2015, the Consumer Technology Association announced that, worldwide, more people owned a cell phone than a toothbrush. Poor dental hygiene aside, the announcement made waves. 

Mobile apps have become ubiquitous in eCommerce. As a result, social media became an official sales marketing channel. Mobile is also an effective sales communication channel but has limits when sellers are still chained to their desks to log activities, research accounts, and more.

Mobile apps account for 89% of mobile media time (Smart Insights) and mobile usage for B2B employees is expected to increase by 50% in 2020, from 2 hours a day to 3 (Google). 

So what does this mean?

Today’s professionals expect to be able to work on their mobile device.

Enter Salesloft Mobile.

With Salesloft Mobile, teams enjoy the power of Salesloft at their fingertips – literally, on their mobile device. In a recent blog post, we announced the launch of Salesloft Mobile, empowering Salesloft users to take, make, and notate Salesloft calls directly from their iOS device. 

Salesloft Mobile takes an already common practice – calling customers directly from a mobile device – and integrates it as a tracked activity within your established workflow. This offers new insights into process adherence in the field. 

But this was only the beginning. 

Now, you can look up and manage your Salesloft contacts directly from the mobile app.

Picture this. You are attending a networking event and notice a prospect or customer across the room. Rather than striding over and winging an introduction, you pull out your smartphone, open Salesloft Mobile, and look up the person’s profile. Armed with this new insight, you approach and makes a well-informed intro. 

How to Get Access

Salesloft Users can download the app from the iOS app store and start dialing today!

Please view the Getting Started with Salesloft Mobile support article for more information.


Organizations enjoy increased process adoption by teams in the field along with improved, optimized deal cycles. Make, take, and notate Salesloft calls and always be prepared for a face-to-face meeting with person view. Download the app from the iOS store today (with your Salesloft administrator’s approval, of course).

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey and we hope you feel the #saleslove with this post. We work hard to provide revenue-generating teams with the tools, insights, and capabilities needed to continue evolving and thriving. 

If you have any questions on these features, please check out the support documentation available for Salesloft Mobile, or contact [email protected].