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SalesLoft and RambleChat Announce Account-Based Chat

September 1, 2019

Salesloft, the leading sales engagement platform, announced today a powerful integration with RambleChat to accelerate sales engagement and real-time account-based conversations, through advanced chat channels. 

Salesloft is integrating Ramble’s chat capabilities into their ecosystem, giving customers the ability to extend conversations across a variety of sales engagement channels.  With this new integration, clients can initiate real-time conversations from their website and embed chat into their Salesloft Email Cadences to maximize sales velocity. RambleChat routes real-time sales conversations to the correct account owner in Salesloft, providing a more personalized interaction via chat. Sales reps can also use dynamic fields in Salesloft to personalize chat greetings on their website with the Ramble integration.

“RambleChat empowers Salesloft customers with a unique ability to extend chat directly through our platform which creates an additional channel of communication for our customers’ interactions.  We are thrilled with the new capabilities. ” said Salesloft’s Vice President of Platform Strategy, Sean Kester.

This new capability continues to fulfill Salesloft’s dedication to the human element of selling and the market need for personalization and practical ABM strategies.

Ramble+Salesloft integration

“I’m immensely excited about our joint efforts.  This integration delivers new opportunities for sales engagement and improves functionality for sales reps to execute account-based selling.  Account-Based Marketing (ABM) requires an equal effort from Sales, and RambleChat delivers immediate functionality to bridge the gap for Salesloft customers”, said RambleChat’s CEO Justin McDonald.

This expansion is the first chat technology integrated into the Salesloft platform offering and will help sales organizations build better pipelines by extending chat beyond corporate websites and into Salesloft Cadences and social channels via RambleChat’s Single Click Chat (SCC). 

About Salesloft

Salesloft is the leading sales engagement platform, helping sales organizations to deliver a better sales experience for their customers. More than 2,000 customers, including Square, MuleSoft, WeWork, and Dell, use the company’s category-leading sales engagement platform to engage in more relevant, authentic and sincere ways. Headquartered in Atlanta, Salesloft has additional locations in San Francisco, New York City and Guadalajara, Mexico. Salesloft has more than 350 employees and was recognized as the #1 best place to work in Atlanta for the past two years. The company was also named the 7th Fastest-Growing Technology Company in North America by Deloitte.

About RambleChat

RambleChat is an innovative chat and messaging technology company dedicated to  human centric, sales focused chat. Headquartered in Atlanta, supporting customers in over 20 countries around the globe, Ramble’s chat platform creates accelerated sales conversations by extending chat anywhere online. Now sales can meet buyers at the moment of interest with RambleChat’s patent-pending Single Click Chat (SCC).  RambleChat is making it easier than ever for sales-driven ecosystems to embed robust chat functions including ABM Chat, Outbound Messaging, Sophisticated Routing, AI Chatbots, into their sales process.  Enterprise sales organizations are accelerating their sales engagement using Single Click Chat in all their sales plays.  


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