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#1 Sales Engagement Platform Unveils Industry-Leading Innovations

March 22, 2019

In this post, we offer a closer look at some of the innovations Salesloft announced at Rainmaker 2019.

Sales Engagement Has Changed

The rules of engagement have changed – while only 13% of customers believe salespeople understand their needs, 60% prefer not to interact with a salesperson at all¹.

When buyers do engage, they expect more. Sellers must empathize, prove themselves knowledgeable, and demonstrate value. This is achieved through relevant information and insights tailored to the buyer’s specific business needs.

“We are committed to driving exceptional selling experiences. By putting customers first and listening to their needs, we are able to innovate solutions and continually evolve our industry-leading platform.” – Kyle Porter, Salesloft’s CEO

Connect with People to Generate Pipeline

Mobile app for Salesloft
With Salesloft for Mobile, sellers can enjoy the power of Salesloft anywhere – make, record, and log Salesloft calls directly from your iOS device.

Sellers often struggle to balance personalization with the time it takes to understand a prospect’s needs. Especially early on in the sales cycle. Salesloft supplies the insights selles need when they need them most so they can focus on what counts – the person behind the prospect.

This is just the beginning of Salesloft for Mobile.


Coach Individuals and Improve Teams to Manage Deals

Often, sales leadership wrestles with maintaining visibility once a lead becomes an opportunity₁. Salesloft tackles this issue head-on through capabilities like Live Call Studio, opportunity tracking, advanced CRM integration, conversation intelligence and transcription, and more.

“I believe sales is about relationships, and sales engagement is essential to building those relationships. Through data science, conversation intelligence, and efficient account-based workflows, Salesloft lets you focus on what matters most: building relationships and solving customers’ problems.” – Butler Raines, Salesloft’s Vice President of Product

Only Salesloft offers the functionality natively with Conversation Intelligence.

The functionality enables better meetings for both buyers and sellers. Conversation Intelligence drives more meaningful customer interactions and improves transparency into the sales process and customer journey through meeting recording, transcription, analysis, and sharing.

A better buying experience results in more closed deals and reduces ambiguity for both parties. Organizations using Salesloft have enjoyed a reduction in employee churn, increasing the average seller tenure by 50%¹.

Conversation Intelligence is compatible with Dialer, Salesloft for Mobile, and most screen sharing applications, enabling sales professionals to focus on the conversation at hand.

Support and Inform to Improve Process

Salesloft has completely revamped its approach to reporting and analytics. With a focus on open data API, the platform empowers users to view their data their way.

Our new reporting framework improves how users access analytics and reporting in Salesloft and Salesforce. Users can create real-time custom reports, data visualizations, and configurable dashboards integrated with best-of-breed Business Intelligence (BI) tools, all within their preferred interface.

Cadence Reporting from Salesloft supplies actionable insights that professionals need to optimize performance, improve effectiveness, and scale success of their process within Salesloft.

Many leaders and operations professionals prefer Salesforce reporting above native reporting dashboards. Customers can now enjoy unlimited ability to run reports within Salesforce with the newest dashboard package, Insight from Salesloft.

Insights from Salesloft combines Salesloft and Salesforce data to achieve a powerful analytics package, giving leaders instant visibility into performance. Leverage the standard reports and dashboards included in the package, add Salesloft data to existing reports and dashboards, or create new analyses using the data available.

The end result is a holistic view of Salesloft and its impact on the organization.

Evolve the Organization Through Building Relationships

In today’s interconnected world, a platform is only as powerful as it’s partners. A strong partner ecosystem reduces data silos, simplifies tech stacks, and drives process efficiency.

In 2018, Salesloft more than doubled its number of integration partners. Today, more than 50 partners are now part of the ecosystem, including:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Build and execute LinkedIn Sales Navigator steps directly from existing sales workflows. Select from InMail, Research, Connection Request, and Ask for an Introduction steps.
  • Showpad. Easily add content to email campaigns and gauge a recipient’s level of interest to tailor and time follow-ups to deliver a better buying experience.
  • ConnectandSell. Prevent call task buildup by transforming one-at-a-time call tasks into high-velocity ConnectAndSell sessions that execute in minutes instead of hours.

Coming in 2019

Salesloft customers already benefit from 2x increase in top-of-funnel sales prospecting activity utilizing our cadencing and automation capabilities₁, but we won’t stop there.

With expanded Machine Learning capabilities, sales professionals will be able to take personalization, at scale, to the next level.

Our Seniority Model will automatically recognize a person’s position within their organization and place them into the ideal persona-based cadence. Taking the guesswork out prospecting.

With Hot Leads, Salesloft will inject Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your workflows to prioritize engaged contacts and notify you in real-time.

Join the Revolution

There is a difference between having a sales team and being a sales organization. Achieving sales success requires process, alignment, and collective accountability. These announcements aim to help sales organizations do just that.

“We’re in the middle of an evolution in the relationship between sellers and buyers. Sales teams need to tear up their playbooks and start fresh with a blend of human, relevant sales tactics and the modern technology needed to create an authentic sales experience that is repeatable and scalable.” – Kyle Porter, CEO at Salesloft

Salesloft continues to innovate in order to help sales professionals take their process to the next level, deliver the type of accountability and support that transforms businesses and solve customer challenges.

Are you ready?

1. The Total Economic Impact™ Of Salesloft, a February 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Salesloft