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Fast and Furious: Reach Contacts by Text With SalesLoft Messenger

October 28, 2019

Imagine a world where prospects open 98% of your messages. Unbelievable, right? Well, buckle your seatbelt cause we’re already there.

Before you spit out your coffee or close this browser tab, hear us out. 

While email chugs along at a 20% open rate, 98% of text messages are opened! It gets even better:

  • In sales communications, email response rates average around 6%, where text response rates are 45%.
  • Most text messages are opened within 15 minutes of receipt.
  • It takes the average person 90 seconds to respond to a text (versus 90 minutes to respond to an email).

B2B marketing professionals have seen mobile messaging accelerate time-to-purchase by 20%, but texting is not just a marketing tool

Between meeting reminders, follow-up, and establishing personal rapport, texting is a powerful addition to an omnichannel communication strategy whether you’re a marketer, seller, or customer success professional. 

This is why we developed Salesloft Messenger: to help you capitalize on the benefits of texting while maintaining a single identity through your Salesloft contact number.

Picture this, you have just called a prospect and they didn’t answer, a few moments later you get a text to your Salesloft number ‘can I call you later?’

MessengerBOOM! Meeting booked.

Texting With Messenger From Salesloft: A Primer

Now that you’re salivating, let’s talk about how this thing works.

Messenger from Salesloft is for one-to-one texting to connect with customers and prospects where they live. It’s available exclusively from your desktop within Salesloft and Salesloft Connect (for Salesforce). Texts you send from Messenger are tracked (including the conversation thread) as an activity in Salesloft, visible within the contact record. Messenger also syncs to your CRM so you can access a full history of your text conversations with ease.

To send a text, click the Messenger icon visible in the quick actions panel within the Contact. To access and engage with all active text threads, click the Messenger icon near your name.

Messenger IconMessenger is fully compliant with text messaging requirements and Do Not Contact restrictions. Contacts who opt-out will have the Messenger icon greyed out and cannot receive texts. 

Time Stands Still For No One

Mobile messaging is a critical channel for sales communications and texting should be, if it is not already, a part of your communication strategy. Why?

In 2015, the Consumer Technology Association announced that, worldwide, more people owned a cell phone than a toothbrush. Poor dental hygiene aside, the announcement made waves. Marketing and sales teams were still living in a desktop world, and organizations scrambled to make websites and email templates mobile-friendly. 

As time went on, the consumer experience evolved. Mobile apps became ubiquitous in B2C, social media became a must-have marketing channel, and sales teams embraced digital communication more than ever before.

But while B2C businesses up-leveled the mobile experience, B2B companies struggled to keep pace with consumer expectations. After all, Betsy may buy all of her shoes on her iPhone but enterprise software deals still require a high-touch sales experience. 

Did you know? Mobile influences more than 40% of revenue in leading B2B organizations. If your organization hasn’t embraced mobile yet, it needs to start. 

But regardless of deal size or type, your buyers are on their mobile phone. According to a survey from AdWeek, the average smartphone owner spends 5 hours a day on their phone.  And that’s why your communication strategy must include mobile channels. 

With native text messaging from Salesloft Messenger, take the next step and add text to your omnichannel customer communication strategy.

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey and we hope you feel the #saleslove in this post. We work hard to provide revenue-generating teams with the tools, insights, and capabilities you need to evolve and thrive. 

If you have any questions on Messenger functionality, please check out the support documentation on our Support Site, or contact [email protected].

For questions on pricing, contact your Salesloft contact or [email protected].