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Quality of {Admin} Life – User Management and a Cadence Permission

June 3, 2019

Salesloft isn’t the only solution in your tech stack. Which is why we strive to provide a platform that is not only easy to use, but easy to manage. With that in mind, we have two admin features we’re excited to share.

If you are stretched for time, here’s a quick summary:

  • Enhanced user management tables: Efficiently manage your Salesloft licenses with multi-select for deactivation and reactivation. User lists are now organized by Active, Inactive, and Invited users.
  • Remove from all cadences option: Easily manage user restrictions and block access to ‘remove from all cadences’ for certain user groups.

For more details, please read on for a few potential uses for these two features.

Enhanced User Management

Are your Salesloft seats being put to good use?

Adding and removing users should be quick and intuitive. Previously, we released the capability to invite multiple users at once, simplifying the back-and-forth needed. With enhanced user management tables, we’ve also streamlined the deactivation and reactivation process with multi-select capability.

Enhanced bulk user management deactivate reactivate

If you’re an admin managing a high volume of seats, it’s difficult to manage users’ coming and going among other organizational changes. Activating, deactivating, and sometimes reactivating multiple users at once helps you stay on top of your user base.

On a similar note, we help you prioritize your seats with segmented user lists (Active, Inactive, and Invited) – so you can quickly ID and redeploy available Salesloft licenses.

P.S. Have Okta?  We have some user management news coming soon!  Check back in late-June for more.

Remove From All Cadences

You may have noticed a new option in your Roles & Permissions settings: remove from all cadences.

Remove from all cadences option user permission setting

As a refresher, the remove from all cadences button does exactly what it says, removes a person from ALL cadences, regardless of the cadence owner. With this option, you can block access to this button for any created user group outside of the default “Admin” and “User”.

‘Remove from all cadences’ is certainly a lot of power. However, before putting the brakes on this feature, consider that – in the right circumstances – it doesn’t just save time. It can also prevent customer-facing teams from reaching out to their contacts unintentionally.

Let’s say you finally closed THE deal. The deal that took engaging with multiple contacts at that one account for several weeks or months. With the deal closed, you want to seamlessly transition your new customer out of sales cadences by halting any future automated touches to these contacts. Remove from all cadences ensures that happens. Just be sure to coordinate with your after-sales teammates if they also use Salesloft before you hit that button!

Another example is when a prospect firmly requests that you cease all communications. Avoid turning an uninterested prospect into a vocal detractor by hitting that button and also marking them as do not contact.

Additional Support

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey, and we hope you feel the #saleslove with this announcement, past announcements, and the ones around the corner. For more information, check out the support article on Your User Management Table and Remove from all Cadences, or contact [email protected].