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June Product RoundUp

July 3, 2017

Here’s your June monthly recap of the innovations coming from the Salesloft team. Enjoy!

Salesloft Joins Forces With and

Last month we highlighted four new vendors that joined the Salesloft ecosystemTwitter,, Crystal, and LeadIQ. This month, the relentless pace of expanding the ecosystem continued as we announced two more integrations:

  • Nudge – for embedding AI-powered sales insights into your existing workflow.
  • Gong – for leveraging machine learning to garner insights from your sales conversations.

We’ll continue to invest in not only providing value through the breadth of our sales engagement ecosystem but also to focus on providing it in a thoughtful manner.

Continued Investment In Automation Rules

Over the last few months, we’ve been investing in scaling out automation rules. Why? We believe that there is tremendous value in automating the manual tasks that sales professionals have to carry out. This leads to more time being spent building and developing sincere, long-lasting relationships with your customers – something (we believe) can never be replaced by automation.

Recent enhancements in automation rules have made a plethora of new automations available to customers including:

  • Automate the assignment of Salesloft contacts to an owner based on specified rules.
  • Add tags automatically when a new lead or leads are imported into Salesloft.
  • Mark a certain set of contacts as favorite upon import into Salesloft – potentially from an event they attended or marketing automation score.
  • Adding a “Research” or “Follow-Up” tag when a customer has a cadence stage changed to “Changed Company”.

To learn more about, or get started with, automation rules check out our Salesloft University Automation Rules Starter Kit.

/awesome: Introducing Slash Commands

Gain speed and efficiency with slash commands. With this new feature, Salesloft emails now bring up a list of commands at your disposal when you type “/”.

This /awesome feature lets you move faster. Rather than having to navigate menus and click from dropdowns, typing a slash while working on email within the Salesloft platform will now bring up a list of time-saving shortcuts.

For those not familiar with slash commands, here’s a visual to demonstrate:

We’re launching this capability with:

  • /templates – choose from all available templates
  • /snippets – choose from all available snippets

Those teams that have a large amount of snippets or templates will benefit from type- ahead filtering with fuzzy matching where the results of the list will narrow to match what you’ve typed. So, typing /template VP will return templates that begin with or contain VP in the name.

Ready to learn more? Visit our product blog!

Perfect Your Discovery Calls

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with to deliver insights to you in our latest research report, “The Discovery Call Benchmark Report“.Be sure to leverage the insights from 519,291 discovery calls by taking in this report.

Other Cool Salesloft Happenings

We’re thankful to have you with us on this journey to help with the transformation of companies into modern sales organizations. See you again in another month or so!