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The Whole Nine (Vid)yards

December 4, 2017

Modern sellers communicate through multiple channels. The ability to create personalized and buyer-centric messaging is critical to success. To date, these channels have consisted mostly of phone, email, and social touches. As the selling landscape evolves, buyers are more informed than ever. So how can the best sellers cut through the noise? Through the next channel for modern sales communications – video.

We are extremely excited to announce our extended partnership with Vidyard (keep reading for details), the video platform for marketing and sales, enabling our users to leverage video and increase responses by up to 8x!


Supercharge Sales Emails with Vidyard for Salesloft

The Vidyard integration, the first of it’s kind with a sales engagement tool, makes it easy to add a custom, personalized video message to your Salesloft sales email or email templates.

Sales reps can record a selfie video using their webcam, right inside Salesloft and add it to their email along with a video thumbnail image shown to drive increased response rates.

The integration also makes it easy to compile custom video playlists, drawing on existing videos from marketing and sales that can be personalized with a custom video intro to add context.

To top it off, Vidyard captures valuable viewer analytics around who watched what and for how long – crucial to help sales teams tailor follow up messages and focus their sales strategies.

Benefits of using video in sales engagements:

  • Humanize your interactions
  • Cut through the noise and boost responses
  • Understand who is engaging with your content and what they are watching

“Salesloft provides so many options for personalization via its plugins and integrations. One of our team’s favorites is Vidyard, which allows us to create personalized 1-to-1 video emails. This has been a fun and effective way for our reps to personalize communications and make a great first impression.” – Steve Dinner, Director of Business Development @ League

Video is the next medium of modern sales communications:

We all know you can’t simply communicate through a single channel. However, when paired together in an intelligent combination of communication channels, process, and technology will ultimately increase conversion rates.

Now with the addition of video, sellers have an arsenal of personalized channels to engage with their prospects.

Sales teams that have embraced video are seeing a massive impact throughout the sales cycle:

  • 8X higher response rates
  • 5X higher click-through rates
  • 20% higher close rates
  • 30% larger annual contract values

Here’s the best part! Through our Vidyard GoVideo partnership, every Salesloft user can record and send videos from Salesloft – free of charge.

Thank you for allowing Salesloft to continue to serve you. We are always excited to hear your feedback, so if you have any questions please check out Vidyard’s landing page, or contact [email protected].