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Product News + SalesLoft: Drive Authentic Conversations

June 13, 2017

You’re looking to create authentic conversations with your buyers. So, you scour the web and social media for insights to reach prospects – which usually pays off, but it can slow you down. There’s got to be a different way.

That’s why we’ve partnered up with to enhance your Salesloft experience by embedding AI-powered sales insights into your existing workflow. We want to help you have more authentic conversations with your customers and prospects – faster.

Instead of wasting selling time searching the web for insights on each and every account in their list, will do this research automatically. could discover, and surface right inside of Salesloft, for example, that one prospect’s company expanded internationally while another hired a new CMO. This is highly relevant and actionable information you can leverage immediately.

Users can expect to see insights on buyers such as personal and company news mentions, social media activity, access to social profiles and visibility into who has the best relationships at target accounts. Once the extension is installed, Salesloft users will immediately see insights as they view Contacts and Companies, or execute a cadence. for Chrome in Salesloft

There are many benefits of using for Chrome inside of Salesloft, including:

  • Smart News Mentions – Get relevant news mentions on the contacts and companies you’re actively engaging. You’ll find new content to personalize your outreach messages and increase engagement. You can also read the articles that mention your prospect in a single click.
  • Access Target Accounts – See which contacts in your company, or in its extended network, have the strongest relationships at target accounts. The Relationships view enables you to find the best entry point into target accounts. Or, at least to name drop a few of the strongest relationships to gain their attention.
  • Social Engagement – Engage with the latest tweets from prospects for lighter social touches or leveraging posts as insights to further personalize your campaign.
  • See Contact Details – View a snapshot of contact information with quick access to social profiles to save time searching through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Click here to get started with for Chrome on Salesloft. You’ll start to see actionable insights right inside of Salesloft. The Salesloft mission is to enable our customers to connect with, qualify, and convert their target accounts into customer accounts. We believe this new partnership with allows us to continue this mission.

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey. We’re always excited to hear your feedback on our new enhancements. For more information check out Salesloft University or our Knowledge Base articles.