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New Automation Rules To Use Today

June 27, 2017

Over the last few months, we’ve been investing in scaling out automation rules. Why? We believe that there is tremendous value in automating the manual tasks that sales professionals have to carry out. This leads to more time being spent building and developing sincere, long-lasting relationships with your customers – something (we believe) can never be replaced by automation.

We’re continuing this strengthening of our automation rules engine – bringing more triggers available to automate off of in addition to more actions that can be automated from these triggers.

Users can now benefit from the following triggers/actions in automation rules:

  • “Mark as success” as an action in automation rules
  • “Mark as favorite” as an action in automation rules
  • “Tag contacts” as an action in automation rules
  • Salesloft Owner as both a trigger and an action

How can I use these new automation rules?

As with all things automation rules, they can be as simple or as complicated as you like.  Examples include:

  • Automate the assignment of Salesloft contacts to an owner based on specified rules.
  • Add tags automatically when a new lead or leads are imported into Salesloft.
  • Mark a certain set of contacts as favorite upon import into Salesloft – potentially from an event they attended or marketing automation score.
  • Adding a “Research” or “Follow-Up” tag when a customer has a cadence stage changed to “Changed Company”.

We hope that you explore the new capabilities and look forward to hearing your feedback. To learn more about, or to get started with automation rules check out our Salesloft University Automation Rules Starter Kit.