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Meetings Made So Much Easier

February 13, 2018

No matter where your primary focus area in the sales cycle is – prospect engagement, progressing deals to close, or securing renewals – much of your energy is spent trying to engage your customers in face-to-face conversation via meetings. You use these meetings to answer questions, better understand your buyer’s needs, handle objections, show value and ultimately strengthen your relationships with your customers and prospects. Yet how many potential meetings are you missing out on with the awkward calender back-and-forths that are so prevalent in today’s fast-paced and complex buying cycles?

Salesloft’s new Meetings capability brings calendar integration with Gmail Calendar (gCal) and Outlook directly into the platform, letting you include calendar links to prospects so that they can quickly and easily see your availability and immediately schedule a meeting on your calendar.

With Meetings, you can now:

  • Prevent Back-and-Forth. Reduce the friction point of scheduling meetings and avoid awkward calender back-and-forths trying to book your first or next meeting with customers and prospects.
  • Schedule Via Link. Include yours, or a co-worker’s, personalized schedule link in any email so that prospects can see available times and immediately book a meeting that shows on theirs and your calendar.
  • Trigger Automation. Leverage a booked meeting as an important stage in the sales cycle to trigger associated automation rules such as changing cadence stage, marking as success or moving to a cadence such as a follow-up or meeting preparation cadence.
  • View Booked Meetings. Understand when a meeting has been booked for a person or company and see booked meetings inside of both Salesloft as well as Salesforce.
  • Set Defaults. Customize the settings for meetings, including your normal working hours, default meeting lengths, descriptions, and locations (think dial-in details).

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey, and we hope you feel the Salesloft Love with this announcement, our past product announcements, and the ones that are just around the corner. We are always excited to hear your feedback, so if you have any questions please check out the Knowledge Base, or contact [email protected].