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Meetings Are Where Deals Are Won and Lost

May 9, 2019

Meetings are where deals are won or lost. Whether you’re prospecting, performing discovery, getting buyer consensus, finalizing the contract, running through QBRs, or working to renew a customer – you will need to set up a meeting. But getting to yes for a meeting is often one of the more difficult parts of the customer journey.

And let’s be honest, this isn’t just a customer journey problem. We’re all busy, we have personal lives, and prioritization can be a challenge. This is a shared problem across almost every category of life. Here at Salesloft we can help with the customer journey part of the problem (if we could solve it all you know we would try).

When you’re working with a customer, though, getting them to say yes to the meeting needs to be the biggest hurdle on the path to winning a new customer. Everything that follows should be as logical and low maintenance as possible, and that’s what we aim to do with every enhancement we bring to the Meetings functionality in Salesloft.

Let’s take a walk through the most recent changes to Meetings. If you don’t yet use the Salesloft meeting capability, this is a great intro to prompt you to start using it.

More than 5,500 meetings are booked through Salesloft each month.


Actually, before we jump into the recently released enhancements, you should know that documentation covers the experience of both the inviter and the invitee of Meetings. If you want to see what it’s like to configure and use Meetings, this is your go-to article. If you want to see what the customer’s experience is, this is your go-to article.

Branding for Calendars

Let customers know they’re in the right place when they’re scheduling their meetings with you. Include your company logo, company name, and even a tailored background

Salesloft admins can quickly and easily:

  • Upload your logo. A Salesloft Admin can upload a PNG file (2 MB or smaller) so the logo over the calendar is customized and your brand is the most prominent brand on the page.
  • Select your background. Choose between white, light, and dark for a tailored background.
  • Add your company name. The team member’s name naturally shows up, but now you can personalize the header just above the calendar has the company name as well.

Salesloft proudly supports all of the above, from within Salesloft, Salesforce, Gmail, or all three. Learn more here.

Capture Updates Made During Scheduling

Let Salesloft save you more time and energy! No longer miss out on first name, last name, company name, and/or phone number for the customer when they provide it while using the self-serve meeting scheduling option you supply them.

Missing information that is collected when a customer schedules time on your calendar triggers an update to their Salesloft record (which is then synced back to your CRM). Efficiency at it’s finest.

Personalize Meeting Details

Salesloft provides a million ways to personalize your sales communication at scale (Dynamic Tags, Snippets), and now we’re at a million and one ways with dynamic tags in your pre-configured meeting types. If you want to include dynamic tags (aka personalization based on Salesloft and CRM fields), you’re going to love this capability.

Dynamic tags are available in the meeting title, location, and description for your pre-configured meeting types. Learn more about what fields apply and how to insert them here.

Team Meeting Types

If you find yourself crafting the same categories of meetings again and again and again, let us help. Salesloft admins can create as many meeting templates as the team needs – one for discovery, demo, follow up, or any other type of meeting that is created on a regular basis.

Once the admin configures them, members of their team can select a meeting type when inserting a meeting link or apply a meeting type to automatically fill out meeting details when inserting availability.

Learn more here.

Whew! And the best part is that while we were busy working to make Meetings more robust, you’ve been busy too – more than 5,500 Meetings get booked monthly.

With #saleslove

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey, and we hope you feel the #saleslove with this announcement. If you have any questions about anything you’ve read here, please check out the support documentation for configuring and using Meetings, as well as the customer’s experience when booking a Salesloft meeting with you, or contact [email protected].