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Monthly Product Roundup

July 11, 2018

Here’s your monthly roundup of the top innovations coming from the Salesloft team. In June 2018, we introduced cadence steps from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Sendoso, presented research on personalization and top performers, and announced extended support hours.

Step Additions From Our Integration Partners

The Salesloft Integration Partner Program recently added two well-received new steps for Salesloft cadences: one for LinkedIn Sales Navigator and another for Sendoso.
July_steps_img1Whether you’re introducing social selling into your team’s sales cycle or you’re a seasoned social selling organization – you’re going to love the LinkedIn Sales Navigator step.

Incorporating LinkedIn activities into the selling cycle helps salespeople create stronger, more authentic connections, which leads to more closes at scale. LinkedIn research (The State of Sales 2017 U.S. Report) shows that incorporating social networks into a sales strategy is connected with sales success. More than half (62%) of top salespeople strongly attribute closing more deals to this effort, compared to 42% of all professionals.

Learn more about this step on our Product News blog.


Bring your cadences to life with the power of direct mail – at scale – with the Sendoso step.

With the Sendoso step, you can:

  • Create an interactive experience for your prospect. Send gifts, swag, and handwritten notes, adding a unique and memorable component to your Salesloft cadences.
  • Take prospecting offline. With the Sendoso step, you can take your prospecting offline by sending high-impact mailers to stand out from competitors. SDRs and account executives alike can now execute on direct mail cadence steps right from within Salesloft at any point in the sales cycle.

Learn more about this step on our Product News blog.

Data-Driven Insights

Having data to confirm (or correct) our gut feelings can be pivotal. At Salesloft, we believe in data-driven insights and have two recent research projects that will either confirm what you already know or deliver the insights you need to adjust. One is TOPO research that Salesloft sponsored, and the other is from our own data science team.


What if you could identify the behaviors and habits that differentiate top sales performers from their peers? This research does just that. We set out to:

  • Identify differences in behaviors that distinguish top from average performers
  • Provide an analysis of how sales reps prioritize their time
  • Understand what tools reps leverage to perform their jobs

Download the report here to compare our findings to your own expectations.

JulyData2 What if you could explore the role of personalization and its impact on key performance metrics? Building on our work examining over 200 million sales interactions and uncovering cadence best practices, our data science team decided to do just that, solely focusing this time on email interactions. The goal of the research was to answer many of the lingering questions that keep sales leaders and sellers up at night. Specifically:

  • Does email personalization really increase performance?
  • What is the right “amount” of personalization?
  • Is there such a thing as too much personalization?
  • Where does personalization show an impact?

Learn more about our findings here.

Extended Support Hours

The Salesloft support team is so much more than the average customer service team. They’re also expert problem solvers focused on helping our customers overcome any challenge they encounter. Now customers can get more of them with expanded support coverage from 8 am – 8 pm EST Mon-Fri.


User Meetups Continue

These customer-focused events are all about helping users get the most out of Salesloft by connecting with other users to discuss best practices, successes, and team goals. As an added bonus, Salesloft product and sales operations gurus are on-site to join in the discussion.

We visited Toronto in June 2018 and have another scheduled for July 2018. Stay tuned for additional user meetups in August 2018 and beyond.

San Francisco: Hosted with Intercom, July 19th, 2018. Customer Registration

Other Salesloft Happenings

  • In partnership with Modern Sales Pros, Salesloft presents the MSP Salon Tour: Redefining Sales Effectiveness, a multi-city tour focused on uncovering the tactics and strategies that leading organizations employ to increase the effectiveness of their sellers. Up next: San Jose, then a virtual one (the very first one).
  • Ramp 2018 in Boston MA, August 6-7, 2018. We’re sponsoring this event by InsightSquared, focusing on revenue operations professionals.
  • #FlipMyFunnel in Boston MA, August 8, 2018. This event by Terminus focuses on humanizing B2B, and we’ll be there as sponsors.
  • The Sales Development Conference in San Francisco CA, August 30, 2018. We’ll have a booth at Tenbound’s 2nd annual conference dedicated to sales development.

We’re thankful to have you with us on this journey helping transform companies into modern sales organizations.