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Inbound Perfected

January 30, 2018

Some companies focus on generating demand by making outbound calls. Others subscribe to aligning their marketing and sales resources to an account-based model. For others, it’s a matter of maximizing inbound lead flow by producing content and assets that cast a wider net and put the onus on prospects raising their hands to show interest in a product or service.

Regardless of the mix of leads that your company is handling, savvy sales and marketing teams know that all leads are not created equal. You often require a different set of behaviors in addition to specialized sales engagement capabilities to effectively convert leads. Inbound leads, for example, are typically 57% through their buyer journey. They recognize that they have a challenge and have deemed your company as a potential vendor that can solve their problem.

Salesloft offers an array of capabilities for your organization to optimize your inbound conversions.

Marketing Automation To Salesforce to Salesloft Sync (And Back)
With no limit on the number of fields that Salesloft can map and bi-directionally sync with, fields from your Marketing Automation platform can be mapped to Salesforce and be available to Salesloft. This can provide your team with the information they need to prioritize their activities and have more effective initial conversations.

Automation Rules Assign Inbound Leads to Inbound-Specific Cadences
Data from Marketing Automation platforms can be combined with Salesforce data to assign ownership and automatically route inbound leads directly into inbound-specific cadences.

Slack Notifications When Inbound Leads Come In
Get notified immediately when new inbound leads arrive via Slack – notifications to any customized channel can alert reps on any device that a new lead has come in, prompting the rep to do research, or follow up from an initial automated cadence step with a phone call.

**NEW** Send Immediately Upon Entering Step
Response time is one of the crucial factors in determining the success of an inbound lead. When a new lead enters into a cadence, we can now send emails either immediately upon entering that step or after a designated time delay. This gives you the flexibility to respond to inbound leads faster than ever before. Have a heavy inbound component? Automate the first step of a cadence within seconds or minutes of that lead entering into the cadence.

With these Salesloft capabilities, you gain a heightened ability to take on more of a consultative role in your prospect’s evaluation, guiding them seamlessly through the buying journey. Inbound + Urgency + Salesloft = better lead response management from inbound to first engagement by your sales team. Try some of the options above and let us know how it impacts your inbound lead response management – we can’t wait to hear from you.

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey, and we hope you feel the #SalesLove with this announcement, our past announcements, and the ones that are just around the corner. We are always excited to hear your feedback, so if you have any questions please check out the Knowledge Base, or contact [email protected].