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I Get By, With a Little Help From My Friends: SalesLoft Support

May 11, 2020

In this blog, we will shine a light on some of the support options available to Salesloft customers from our Success and Services team.

We All Need a Little Support Sometimes

“No one knows how to use the Salesloft platform better than Salesloft.” – G2 Admin User Review

Technology can only be effective if it’s users are able to use it (see what I did there?).

Many great technological concepts have burned out before their actual value was ever realized. Remember Segway? What about Newton? I know, WebTV! All great ideas that never had a chance to deliver.

Whether they were over-hyped or poorly timed this ultimately boils down to usability.

Even bars of soap come with directions!

You may think that is silly, but if someone has never used one before they can’t be expected to know to get the bar wet, lather, and rinse.

Salesloft prides itself on building an intuitive solution that is easy to set up, get started, manage, and use. But, much like a bar of soap, we’ll provide directions and help ensure you get the most out of our solution.

Getting Started

Our Knowledge Base is a one-stop-shop for support articles, guides, and FAQs to get you started in the right direction while Salesloft University serves up on-demand video training and certifications.

The Salesloft Support Guide gives you everything you need to know to work with and contact our support team.

Live Support Events

Salesloft offers regular office hours, training webinars, and roundtables where you can interact with the Salesloft success team as well as the Salesloft customer community.

Salesloft office hours are run twice a day, are accessible across multiple timezones, and provide you with live support.

Speak directly with Salesloft Success and Services to ask any burning questions, get help, and receive guidance on topics like Cadence Best-Practices, Automation Rules, Admin Settings, and more.

Salesloft also provides regular fast-start training sessions, where new users can quickly learn the basics and get right back to providing fantastic buying experiences for their customers..

Customer roundtables provide a scheduled, moderated time to come together to share best practices, common pitfalls, and tips and tricks.

The key difference between office hours and roundtables is that roundtables are casual, user-to-user events focused on community building.

All of our live events are community-centric and provide a space for you to come with your questions, get support, and to learn and share best practices.


The Salesloft User forum is a platform where you can interact with other Salesloft users and admins. Though similar to a round table, the forum is chat-based and always available for users.

It is another ideal place to share experiences, ask your questions, and find tips-a-tricks from other users like you.

Contacting Support

Want to work directly with Salesloft? You can easily submit support requests through the Knowledge Base or contact us directly from the Salesloft platform.

You can even email support directly at [email protected].

Experience is Everything

The Salesloft Success and Services team strives to deliver the best service experience possible, every time.

Customer-first is one of our core values!

“I like how communicative the entire Salesloft organization is. They are quick to respond, fix, and elaborate on support issues but also they are constantly providing our team with content, recommendation, and statistics that make us better at our jobs.”- G2 User Review

Our goal is to use our technical expertise to give all our customers the knowledge and understanding needed to confidently reach their goals and thrive no matter the environment.

We know that experience is everything, and we want to help ensure that you and your team get the most out of your Salesloft relationship.

Reach out, we would love to hear from you!