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Dialer Stability: Live Call Quality Sensor

March 28, 2017

Whether you love the phone or hate the phone, you undoubtedly agree that awareness of call quality is critical. That’s why we introduced Salesloft’s live call quality sensor, giving instant feedback to users of our dialer, regardless of whether you’re calling from within Salesloft, Salesforce, Gmail, or another website.

Salesloft senses and then provides notifications for the most commonly occurring quality issues in real-time, in the dialer so that you can take appropriate action.

live call quality sensor image

With these notifications, you can determine which issues to troubleshoot yourself, and which issues you need to track and report to us (or to your IT team). Here are some sample issues that Salesloft senses and displays on calls:

  • You have high network latency
  • Check your speaker connection
  • Check your microphone volume
  • You have poor network conditions

And this isn’t the end – we have several more dialer enhancements focused on improving stability planned shortly.

Thank you for allowing Salesloft to continue to serve you. As always, we are excited to hear your feedback! If you have any questions please check out the Knowledge Base, or contact [email protected].