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Get Deals Summary to Drive Pipeline and Achieve Your Revenue Goals

September 18, 2020

Available for Salesloft users with Enterprise and Sell plans. Reach out to your Salesloft representative to learn more.


(Psssst! Scroll down to “Drill-down into Deals Summary Heatmaps” if you just want to see the brand new pipeline health features)

Salesloft’s Deals Summary provides immediate insights to guide your pipeline review meetings. Combined with Opportunity Management, Deals Summary will transform an often painful experience into a positive one, focused on coaching and strategy. And now with Deals Summary Drill-downs, you can proactively identify the most at-risk deals in your pipeline that need your attention ASAP.

From a single dashboard view, you can immediately answer questions such as:

  • How is your overall team performance tracking towards your revenue goals?
  • Do you have enough pipeline coverage?
  • Which deals do you need to prioritize with your team?
  • Where is your revenue number projected to land?

Take Pipeline Reviews From Painful to Pleasant

As a sales manager, you know that pipeline reviews get a bad rap.

Most sales reps perceive these meetings as more of an interrogation than a conversation focused on removing blockers.

Per VantagePoint Research, 72% of sales managers meet with each of their sellers at least twice a month. And the average time spent in each pipeline review meeting is 53 minutes.

For a sales manager with several reps, that’s a staggering amount of time spent in reviews. Using Deals Summary will make these meetings valuable for both you and your sellers.

Keep Pipeline Data Accurate With Opportunity Management

Pipeline reviews (even those driven by Salesloft’s Deals Summary) are only as good as the data behind them.

We’ve all heard the term: Garbage in, garbage out. And avoiding the bad data trap is where Salesloft’s Opportunity Management comes into play.

By making it 75% faster to update each seller’s pipeline, you remove barriers for reps to keep their CRM updated.

Deal Gaps

With Deal Gap notifications in Opportunity Management, you’ll build in automatic reminders for reps to input the crucial data you need to manage your team’s performance.

Now you can spend your pipeline reviews moving deals forward instead of populating missing data.

Accelerate Deals to Close With Deals Summary

Every sales manager must help reps accelerate deals and increase close rates.

While you likely have the coaching chops to meet this need, you may not know exactly where each rep is struggling.

Deals Summary can help you pinpoint which opportunities need your urgent attention and where sales reps may need additional coaching:

  • Seeing too many deals stall in a particular stage? Help your sales rep handle objections tailored to that part of the sales cycle.
  • Not enough pipeline this quarter for the rep to hit their quota? Look ahead and see if potential opportunities can be pulled forward.
  • Have a gap to make quota while early in the quarter? Deals Summary lets you know how many new opportunities you need to generate to hit your revenue goal. Work backward to determine how many new prospects you need to engage in Cadences to refill the top of your funnel.

Enable more of your reps to hit their quota by providing deals insights so every seller knows where they can proactively mitigate risks in their pipeline.

Drill-down into Deals Summary Heatmaps

The new front-line manager view summarizes your entire team’s revenue performance on a single page. Track your overall team quota attainment and check your PipeLine Health panel to see which of your team’s deals have excessive deal gap warnings and which deals have stalled. Drill-down into these metrics to pull up a list of at-risk deals to proactively mitigate with your team.

Deals Summary Drill-downs GIF

Once you’re Salesloft admin has inputted your team’s revenue targets, you can access your Front-Line Manager dashboard view by clicking the dropdown and selecting your team’s Group name. From there, you’ll benefit from:

  • Early notification of at-risk deals, proactively work with your team to ensure deals keep moving through the funnel.
  • Staying in the know on every major deal your team is working so you can confidently provide more accurate forecasting to your Sales Leadership.
  • Understand which reps are struggling and focus your coaching and development where it’s most needed.