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Send Smarter: CRM Record Selection

May 1, 2019

For Emails Lofted from Gmail and Salesloft

With our latest update, emails lofted from both Gmail and within Salesloft will be enabled with CRM record selection. Read on to learn how you can start directing your email activity to the right Salesforce Contact or Lead, and Opportunity or Account.

Accurate Activity Logging = Cleaner Data

One of the great strengths of Salesloft is activity logging. As you make calls, send emails, post to LinkedIn, and do research, Salesloft logs the Salesforce activity for you, making you more efficient at booking demos, closing deals, and supporting customers.

When your business is complex – offering more product lines spanning a larger geographic footprint or working with partners – you need more complex logging. Not every email to a prospect is about the same deal anymore. Very little remains 1:1, and this is a (challenging) good thing.

If your Salesforce instance requires that you have multiple Contacts at multiple Accounts with multiple Opportunities, you might just find our latest enhancement to emails lofted from both Gmail and Salesloft to be a welcome breath of fresh air.

With CRM record selection enabled, never again wonder who or what that email you’re sending will get logged to in Salesforce. Once you enter an email address into the “To” field, Salesloft will show you, upfront and inline, which Person, Account, and/or Opportunity your email will get logged to in Salesforce when you Loft it. If you need to make a change, open the “Log To” window and select from a simplified list to log your activities to the right Salesforce record.


Benefits for this enhancement include:

  • Know where it’ll go. As you’re composing your email, see the default Contact or Lead that your email will be logged to, as well as the Account or Opportunity.
  • Make updates. Whether you have intentional duplicates or messy data, you can make quick updates in Gmail regarding where your email will be logged to in Salesforce, saving you administrative time later.
  • Be reminded. If you forget to check where your email will get logged to in Salesforce, you won’t forget anymore because it will be right there.

Screenshot of CRM Record Selection with Gmail

How to Get This

If this powerful functionality interests you, Salesloft admins can configure logging to alternate records (instructions are here).

With #saleslove

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey, and we hope you feel the #saleslove with this announcement. If you have any questions on using this once it is configured, please check out the support documentation for CRM Record Selection in the Salesloft Connect for Gmail article and also the Salesforce Activity Logging article, or contact [email protected].