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Create a Hyper-Relevant Buyer Experience with SalesLoft and Drift

August 10, 2021

Salesloft and Drift — a leading Revenue Acceleration Platform — have announced an integration providing sales and marketing professionals with the ability to create meaningful, perfectly-timed connections with prospects, while eliminating “cold” outbound activities.

A Disconnected Buyer Experience

Educated buyers feel the pain of the technology silos that exist between marketing and sales. They interact with an organization through their website or social accounts, share information about themselves, and then eventually speak with a rep who begins the conversation with little-to-no information about the buyer. This disconnected buyer experience slows down the sales motion by causing frustration for time-bound buyers who, in today’s world, expect a hyper-relevant buyer experience from an organization and their revenue teams from day one.

Enter: Drift and Salesloft

Drift and Salesloft are partnering to not only remove this pain point in the sales process, but to accelerate revenue with a highly personalized buyer experience. This partnership furthers our goal to align sales and marketing teams by giving them real-time visibility into the activities of their target accounts. Reps can see who, specifically, from the account is visiting the company website and what page they are on. This allows sellers to send personalized prospecting emails and videos — resulting in more quality meetings booked faster.

Empowering sellers with the solutions they need to close more deals is our top priority. Partnering with Drift allows sellers to have deeper, more personalized connections with their prospects at the right time, in the right way: a proven combination for better outcomes. Together, Salesloft and Drift unlock major potential for both marketing and sales teams. – Kyle Porter, CEO and Co-founder, Salesloft

This integration also alerts marketers and sellers in the moment when prospects who are added to a Salesloft Cadence take action on the company website. This way sellers can take action immediately or follow up later with a tailored communication.

“Buyers do more than 80 percent of their purchasing digitally, but sellers often don’t have the visibility to know what behaviors are taking place online. They can’t always see what content buyers are viewing, pages they visit, or videos they watch, and can’t personalize their outreach accordingly. We’re changing that.” said David Cancel, CEO and Co-founder, Drift.

“Now, that prospect you’ve been dying to get a hold of can book a meeting directly via Drift chat; and you can have Drift conversations right inside of Salesloft’s Activity Feed, gathering the context you need before you jump on the call. It’s incredibly powerful for sellers and marketers alike.”

Hyper-Relevant Buyer Experience

With the Drift-Salesloft integration, reps receive an alert as soon as a prospect hits the website — giving them visibility into their buyer’s real-time activity. Based on the buyer’s intent, reps can start a live conversation, book a meeting or follow-up later with an outbound message that is personalized based on the buyer’s actions. And for buyers who don’t engage on the website, reps receive a daily email (or real-time alert) about these contacts so they can personalize their follow up to book the meeting.

“Sales and marketing misalignment can create serious tension within an organization,” said Whitney Moore, Manager of Inbound Sales Development at Salesloft. “This partnership with Drift will provide sales and marketing teams alike with real-time visibility into target account activities, ensuring everyone has access to the same information at the same time.

Drift has allowed our inbound team to have the freedom to nurture every incoming opportunity with complete care. With custom talk track options, our team can keep our brand intact while managing both new and old relationships.”

The integration enables customers to:

Receive real-time notification:

Sellers receive real-time notifications anytime a person who is added to a Salesloft Cadence is active on their website, and can start a Drift conversation in the moment.

Drift Account Activity View active accounts in Drift and take action in Salesloft

Identify and target visitors:

Prospects in Salesloft Cadences can be identified and targeted with specific Drift playbooks, and engaged in a personalized way in real-time. Additionally, sales and marketing reps can identify who is watching a video or visiting their website from shared links.

View Drift events in Salesloft:

Sellers can view account activity from Drift in one place via the Salesloft Activity Feed on the Person and Account profile pages.

Drift and Salesloft Activity Feed View a prospect’s activity in Drift from the Salesloft Activity Feed

Easily Add to a Cadence:

Marketers can quickly add a prospective buyer to a Salesloft Cadence from the chat inbox or directly from the Drift Feed.

Drift and Salesloft Add to Cadence Easily add a prospect to a Salesloft Cadence from Drift

Ready for More?

Salesloft is excited to announce this integration with Drift that creates a hyper-relevant buyer experience. Here are ways to learn more about the partnership and our integration:

  • Drift RevGrowth: Salesloft will showcase its integration with Drift in a keynote presentation at RevGrowth, Drift’s virtual summit on the future of sales and marketing. The event takes place on August 26. To attend, register via the Drift bot.
  • Learn more about the Drift integration in the Salesloft App Directory.