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Extreme Makeover: Home Dashboard Edition

July 1, 2019

Feature Summary

If you’re strapped for time, here’s a quick summary of the major enhancements made to the Home Dashboard:

  • You can resize and re-order each panel on your Home Dashboard.
  • You can select which panels are visible on your Home Dashboard.
  • Don’t like the changes you made?  You can revert back to the default view.

Admins can restrict access if there are certain teams that prefer using the default layout for all.

Keep reading and take a little trip back in time to see the original Home Dashboard and where we’ve taken it today!


Your favorite sales engagement platform has seen its fair share of renovations over time. Ever wonder what the original Salesloft Home Dashboard looked like?

Salesloft original home dashboard

For those that recognize this dashboard, thank you for being on this journey with us for so long! Salesloft is fortunate to have an active user base that’s been providing feedback from day one. Our customers’ feedback has influenced many of the updates our growing user base enjoys today.

Now what if we took this customer-focused approach one step further? What if we gave you, the user, the ability to create your own layout? And to do this on Salesloft’s most visited piece of real estate: the Home Dashboard.

  • Sales managers, would you prefer to increase the size of the ‘Actions Forecasting’ panel to fill the top of your dashboard?
  • Customer success managers, would you opt to hide ‘Live Feed’ and resize your ‘Reminders’ and ‘Cadences To Do’ panels?
  • Sales reps, would you fill the top with your ‘Cadences To Do’ and ‘Live Feed’ panels?
  • Would you change it week-by-week depending on what you need to catch up on?

With a configurable Home Dashboard, turn your preferences into reality. Simple drag and drop panels can be reorganized, resized, and hidden to more effectively enable your work day with the analytics and tasks you need at your fingertips. Not happy with what you changed? Quickly revert back to the default layout and start fresh!

We understand that every function and possibly every team member within each function may have different responsibilities and goals. You should be able to build the layout you need to make your Home Dashboard yours.

Additional Support

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey, and we hope you feel the #saleslove with this announcement, our past announcements, and the ones that are just around the corner. For more information, check out the support article on The Home Dashboard, or contact [email protected].