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Cloud Steps for Sales Cadences

June 6, 2018

Channel diversity matters. Salespeople know this in their guts, advisors in the sales field tell us this year after year in their research findings, and Salesloft’s own data science team has proven it with recent data experimentation.

The Triple (Soon to be Quintuple) Touch

Email and phone sales workflow steps are well-adopted, broadly used touches in standard sales workflows. While “other” steps aren’t as widely used, they are still important. They get leveraged as part of bursts of touches commonly called the triple touch. The multi-channel triple touch has proven so effective that it could soon be replaced by the 5-touch in some workflows as more options above and beyond email and phone surface (TOPO Sales Development Touch Report 2017).

Even without evaluating 200 million sales interactions, we know that some of those “other” steps include important actions like:

  • Researching, sending InMail, and connecting on LinkedIn. Use this to enhance personalization as you engage, but also use LinkedIn as a channel of last resort for a prospect that’s gone dark.
  • Liking/retweeting Twitter posts. Reviewing Twitter feeds can help you personalize better during early engagement, but interacting with Tweets helps build presence and rapport throughout the sales process.
  • Sending text messages. Texting should always be used with caution but can be a critical channel for communication during more advanced stages of the process.
  • Mailing notes, gifts, or swag. A handwritten note goes a long way, as does a gift card for a cup of coffee. Congratulatory bottles of wine or hand-selected gifts from Amazon can show a prospect, a newly signed customer, or an existing customer-advocate how much you appreciate them. Why not codify this in the right cadences?

Wouldn’t it be great if “other” steps that you already incorporate into your sales workflow using partners in Salesloft’s ecosystem had an exclusive step type? What if they were customized to represent the action that they guide you to do?

The answer to both questions is yes, they can be, with Sales Engagement Cloud Steps.

We’re Ready and They’re Almost Ready

In case you missed it, last month Salesloft announced an official integration partner program and an app directory. It showcases the offerings our partners bring to the Salesloft ecosystem. In the short time since the announcement, many existing and potential new partners have shared some fascinating ideas on how they would integrate with Salesloft. As these integrations take shape and become reality, we’ll add them to the app directory so you can discover and start leveraging them.

The integrations in the app directory will start to include Cloud Steps very soon. As a matter of fact, some could be ready in hours, days, or even a few short weeks – but when they’re ready, we’ll be back here to tell you all about it.

A Sneak Peek

Okay fine, some secrets are too good to keep. We’re actively working with LinkedIn Sales Navigator as part of their SNAP program, Zipwhip (released), and Sendoso to bring you the first round of Cloud Steps. It’s a race to the finish between the three, but it’s a race that leaves us all winners.

We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey, and we hope you feel the #saleslove with this announcement. We are always excited to hear your feedback. If you have any questions, please check out the Knowledge Base or contact [email protected].