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Close More Revenue Faster With Opportunity Management

February 3, 2020

Pipeline problems are easy to understand. Sales leaders want better data. Reps want more time to sell. Everyone wants more revenue.

But how do you manage that pipeline? That’s tricky business. Raise your hand if any of this looks familiar:

  • I’m not sure how much of our pipeline is valid. I just don’t have confidence in the data.
  • Our reps complain about how long it takes to update the pipeline.
  • Our sellers struggle with where to focus their efforts. Sometimes they spend too much time working the wrong opportunities.
  • Some reps aren’t making the most relevant moves for the buyer’s situation.
  • Our follow up is off. It’s either ill-timed or inconsistent.

These are the problems that make pipeline management so painful. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Salesloft provides the intel you need to ensure winnable deals don’t fall through the cracks. 

With the union of Opportunity Management and Sales Engagement, organizations enjoy improved process accountability and data accuracy so they can confidently forecast and close more deals, faster.

According to TOPO, top-performing reps use data, intelligence, and productivity tools 30% more than average performers. 

Empowered, happy sellers

If you’re struggling with adoption, make your sales process easier. Reps perform better with nudges, reminders, and recommended next steps. And they’ll work faster if you automate low-value tasks and streamline workflows.

But it’s not all about tools and process. Sellers are most effective when empowered to maintain their autonomy. The right Sales Engagement solution balances a scalable process with individual preferences and strategies so sellers feel supported throughout the deal cycle.

Simply put, happy sellers are better sellers.

Salesloft empowers your team in practical and convenient ways. First, customizable dashboards like this one make it easier for reps to stay on track.

Opportunity Management Pipeline View

Additionally, sellers can take live call notes, share auto-generated call summaries, and update or even create new opportunities directly from Salesloft.

“First impression I got of Salesloft was the Deal View, which is awesome! Update Opportunities with 1 or 2 clicks, it’s a huge time saver. You’ll never want to go into an Opportunity or Opportunity report again!” -G2 Review

With 75% faster opportunity data updates, your teams will spend more time on deal strategy and less time updating pipeline.

Data-driven, responsive sales leaders

Sellers aren’t the only ones who benefit from the one-two punch of Opportunity Management and Sales Engagement. When you make these processes easier for reps, you get better data and a cleaner pipeline. And that translates to a more predictable forecast and fewer missed quarters.

Working with accurate pipeline data also helps more easily identify red flags for your team. You become more responsive to their needs with coaching and course correction.

Opportunity Management Deal View

You’ll turn 1:1s into strategy sessions. And by observing trends to learn what works, you’ll codify the most successful sales processes and scale them across your organization for bigger wins.

In addition to improving your reps’ lives, you’ll improve your own capacity to manage the sales process. You’ll enhance your workflow with greater visibility into sales activities and outcomes and more robust reporting capabilities. 

Find data-driven answers to your revenue questions in both Salesloft and your CRM. Review a comprehensive pipeline dashboard for all sellers. Receive gap alerts that signal the likelihood to close, so you can win more opportunities.

In short, with the addition of Opportunity Management, Salesloft makes managing the pipeline easier on everyone. And it’s the only Sales Engagement platform that meets the needs of all sellers. By offering a home base where reps can both manage and execute their individual pipelines, you’ll foster an environment of success.

To learn more about Opportunity Management and Sales Engagement joining forces, check out our eBook, Sales Engagement for Closers.