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Automate Your Go-to-Market (GTM) Execution with LeanData & SalesLoft

August 28, 2019

A recent announcement brought together the leaders in revenue ops (LeanData) and sales engagement (Salesloft) – two best of breed platforms – to deliver significant speed, operational efficiency, and CX focus to the sales team. The announcement from LeanData revealed new APIs and integrations that would extend the reach of its Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing products outside of the CRM.

The LeanData Revenue Ops Platform automates a variety of GTM strategies including inbound, outbound, account-based, channel, and other go-to-market motions to accelerate productivity and growth. By connecting leads to accounts in the CRM and aligning the leads to the right owners in real-time, LeanData ensures a consistently prompt response from your sales team. Salesloft then enables sales reps to drive all 1-to-1 engagements with prospects and customers over emails, calls, or social media touches – all on one platform. This makes the day-to-day activities of reps more organized, systematic, and measurable.

Let’s imagine two scenarios in which the LeanData and Salesloft integration delivers great value to users:

Follow-Up Fast with an Inbound Lead

Inbound leads are critical to your business. They close faster and your win rates are significantly higher on these deals compared to all other sources. The question arises: how can you make it faster and have a 100% SLA adherence on inbound leads?

Here’s how: implement LeanData’s Lead Routing product along with Salesloft’s sales engagement platform. In the LeanData lead routing graph, verify that a lead is inbound. If it is, assign it round-robin to your BDR team (or reps that are your first responders). Once you’ve assigned the lead, you can automatically trigger the inbound-lead cadence in Salesloft. This puts it on the map for the rep to act on the lead at the earliest, and, if you’ve set up your cadence right, sends off the first follow-up email immediately.

You can also follow it up in LeanData by sending email and/or Slack notifications to the rep as a reminder.

Ensure Event Leads Get Contextual Follow-up

Think of your event or webinar leads. They can belong to net new accounts, target accounts, existing deals, or existing customers. All of them are opportunities but of a different kind. Can they all be treated the same? No! LeanData Matching has a List Analyzer feature that helps you segment these leads and act accordingly (e.g. if it’s a duplicate lead, why add it again to the CRM as part of a mass upload?). 

Next, in LeanData, you can branch your lead flow to send leads off to owners of a matching lead (e.g. an SDR who’s already prospecting other leads from the same company), account (e.g. a rep who’s in charge of a target account or a CSM who owns a customer account), and opportunity (the rep who is already in the middle of a deal with the same company). Anything that does not match these criteria can be shipped off round-robin to the BDR team. 

Finally, depending on the kind of lead, you can kick-off different Salesloft cadences from within LeanData and get the reps automatically set up with the first outbound step. 

The Combined Power of LeanData & Salesloft

No leads are lost or misrouted to the wrong person ever again. The most important leads never have to wait in an SDR calling queue. They are set off directly into a cadence the minute they enter the CRM – no lags. No manual intervention is needed until the rep chooses to customize the first email before hitting send. 

Now the top of your funnel is working efficiently and fast, giving early prospects an amazing buying experience with your company. Your reps can work at their highest productivity levels, with help from the right technology.

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