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5 Inbound Features to Use When Buyers Act First

August 24, 2020


Use these 5 recently released inbound features in Salesloft to keep your buyers engaged, whenever they take action: 

Learn more about optimizing your Inbound buying experience during our webinar on September 1st. Register here. 

We are no longer working from home. We are living in the office. 

Whether your company is still working remotely, or you’re transitioning back to your office part-time, our lives now require that we are on constant standby- ready to act whenever our buyers are ready to engage.  

Immediate interaction is critical to ensuring you don’t lose a potential customer. Need some proof? According to a study by Lead Connect:

  • 78% of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first.
  • Sales conversions are 391% higher in the first minute. 

But You Can’t Be On All the Time

Or can you? Your Salesloft team has your back on this. We know you’re not only serving a handful of accounts. In fact, you’re responsible for hundreds of accounts with expansive buying committees who are also living in the office. The ball could literally be in your court 24×7 from contacts you may or may not have on your tiered account list. 

Salesloft is here to help you give your buyers a white glove experience, even when you’re pressed for time, even when you’re managing that time across hundreds of potential buyers. 

Here is a round-up of recently released features to help you manage your inbound prospects, whenever or however they engage. 

On the Weekends

The best thing about the weekends these days? No meetings. This gives your potential buyers time to actually research your and your competitors’ solutions. But, when your prospects submit a lead form or register for an event, don’t wait until Monday to respond. 

Use the Automation Rule: Send Emails on Weekends to add Inbound leads to an immediate follow-up Cadence. You may even want to consider a Cadence just for weekend hours. 

Inbound Automation Rule

On Your Website or Via Email

You may have primed your prospective buyers over the course of weeks with emails and LinkedIn messages that included links to your company website. Again, the weekend is now the time when prospective buyers are catching-up on emails. Be ready to act when buyers finally open your email or peruse your website.

Use Hot Leads in Live Feed to reach out at the right time and with the right prospect. Add Hot Leads to Cadences when they come in during non-working hours. And, with Live Website Tracking available in your Live Feed you’ll have visibility into which prospects and customers are researching your company and signaling they’re interested in learning more. 

Hot Leads Live Feed

Not at your desk? Activate push notifications for both Hot Leads and Live Website Tracking from the Salesloft Mobile App so you never miss these important interactions. 

On the Phone

Yes, your buyers are still picking up the phone to place calls. Even if it is to return a call you previously made to them, or to call you for a meeting you have scheduled. This engagement may take place while you’ve stepped away from your phone (we’ve all done it!) or when you’re on another call.

Inbound Voicemail gives your callers a way to leave you a voicemail that does not require you to check multiple devices or platforms to find the message.

Inbound Voicemail

When voicemails are left, you’ll receive notifications across the Salesloft platform and in your inbox. Listen to the voicemail directly from the link that is shared. 

Via Intercom Chat 

Prospective buyers are increasingly finding chat as a ‘no commitment’ way to engage with sellers. When chats take place, don’t let your buyer digitally walk away. Continue to engage them with Cadences that continue to lead them through the buying process.

Intercom customers can use the Salesloft and Intercom integration by to add prospects and customers to a Cadence directly from Intercom. Likewise, bring Salesloft contacts directly into Intercom to ensure you have the insights you need to personalize the chat discussion. 

Keep Yourself Organized

At the end of the day, with everything going on, you have to keep yourself organized. The last thing you want to do is forget to schedule that demo or send your prospect a custom proposal on Monday. 

Use Tasks to manage one-off communications with prospects and remind yourself when to follow-up with a contact. Edit tasks and change dates as conversations progress, and track your completed Tasks as activities logged in Salesforce. 

Want more? 

Learn more about optimizing your Inbound buying experience during our webinar on Sept. 1st. Register here.