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SalesLoft Product Release: Person Profile Page

December 21, 2015

People sell to people. Understanding your buyer is critical to the intentionality and personalization necessary to excel at sales outreach.

SDR’s need access to what is happening to who. We created this page to give users a quick and easy way to view their people.

Admittedly, we have failed at giving an intuitive experience. We understand the need for organization and prioritization.

That is why we just launched our new Person Profile Page. Users now have a compact, intuitive, and — dare I say — sexy interface to manage their people.

1. Prioritize Information

By moving the person information to the left pane, we are able to emphasize the information that matters most: the activity feed.

You can now easily see all past emails, calls, cadences, reminders, and notes added to each person, helping to digest what happened, and when.


2. Take Action In One Click

Users can click the activity bar, social icons, and contact info to quickly take action on your person. No longer do you have annoying url’s that you have to copy/paste into a new page. It works seamlessly.

Simply open up social pages for just-in-time information, start a new email, place a call, add to a cadence, and view them in SFDC — all with one click.


3. Manage Cadences And Touches

Easily see what cadences your person is currently on, and manage what next touch point is due, and when.

From the Person Profile Page you can:

  • Add or remove a person from a cadence
  • Edit the due date of the next activity
  • Jump into the overview page of the active cadence
  • Complete the next due step


4. Edit Person Information

By moving Person information management to its own page, we were able to simplify the experience. By clicking on the gear in the top right corner, you have access the edit Person Profile Page information.

Only fields that have data will populate in the Person view.


The new Person Profile Page. Built for SDR’s by those who care about them.

Even Mugatu agrees…