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March Your Way To A More Organized And Predictable Outreach Process

January 20, 2015

Your favorite outreach management tool is becoming more efficient every single day.

This month, Cadence introduced real-time push notifications, easier login functionality, and some incredible additions to our in-app dialer.

Want to learn how these features can help you crush your sales objectives? Let’s dive in:

First, Cadence’s newest feature informs you in real-time when one of your prospects interacts with your outreach email.

Push notifications will let you know when a prospect views an email, so you can follow it up with a call a few seconds later. This will also happen when your contact clicks an email, so you can watch those website hits climb higher and higher. You’ll even be prompted when an email fails or bounces so that you can troubleshoot and get your outreach back on track.

Push Notification

Don’t need all the notifications all the time? Cadence has customization for that.

You are able to choose which notifications you receive so that your real-time information feed is tailored to your needs. Only want to know when one of your recipients click? Done. Want the full feed of views, clicks and fail-to-sends?

Done, done and done.

Next, you can log directly into Cadence using, or through the Salesloft website.

It’s easy to switch or open multiple tabs to have all of your outreach solutions in one powerhouse browser window.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 3.34.02 PM

Yep, Salesloft just got even easier for you.

Lastly, your phone steps just got significantly more awesome.

Now, not only do you have a one-click option to find your prospect and her company page on LinkedIn, but the notes you take about the contact will also appear in the call step view.

More information at your fingertips means more context and sincerity in your sales cycle:

Call Step

Ever wish you could record your calls to recant your best sales or find areas to improve?

Should you so choose, every call can be recorded and stored both in Cadence and Salesforce, so you can further measure and optimize your outreach methods while watching your ticker rise higher and higher as a result.


Your call will automatically log in Salesforce as well:


Have questions about Cadence? Leave a comment or send a message to [email protected] – we can’t wait to connect with you!