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A Few Of Your Favorite SalesLoft Things in 2017

December 19, 2017

As we begin to close 2017 (hopefully with a bang and surpassing the year’s targets) and look towards 2018, it’s a good time to reflect on some of the top enhancements we’ve made to the Salesloft platform this year. We recognize that Salesloft is just a part – albeit a crucial one – of your sales technology ecosystem and while we hope you’re making use of every enhancement we’ve made in 2017, chances are one or two of these gems may have slipped by you.

Here’s the list of the year’s top enhancements based solely on your readership. If any of them snuck past you, consider delving deeper into them now for optimized use in 2018.

The Whole Nine (Vid)Yards – Explore how our extended partnership with Vidyard is enabling sales organizations to be able to create and send personalized videos in their prospect and customer communications.

Salesloft + LinkedIn – Know exactly what to say when connecting with the right people at your target accounts with the integration of LinkedIn Sales Navigator directly into the Salesloft platform.

See the Opportunities, Seize the Opportunities – Your sales teams can now view, update and one-click access Salesforce Opportunities directly from the Salesloft platform with the expanded bi-directional SFDC Sync.

Log Emails From Anywhere – Sending emails from your mobile device or on the road and missing out on logging those activities into Salesforce? Not any longer. Gain complete account activity visibility no matter where those emails are sent from.

Celebrate With Slack – You love Slack and we love Slack. Use Slack to receive notifications on inbound leads, on prospect activity, and to share successes with your team.

Live Call Studio – Live Call Studio gives you the ability to provide the same level of call coaching as you could sitting right next to a sales rep, from across the office or across the globe.

Coaching + Compliance Zen – Take control over how and when recordings are made to retain valuable post-call coaching opportunities with configurable one-sided call recording for states and countries that allow it, and disabled recording where recording is not an option.

Introducing Salesloft Connect for Outlook – If your company uses Outlook for emails, Connect for Outlook provides a wealth of Salesloft functionality directly in your inbox, including the ability to track emails, view contact details, access templates, and add to cadences.

Talent Wins Games, Team (Cadences) Win Trophies – Team Cadences bring the power of cadences to your entire organization, ensuring your team is working from the most productive and targeted cadences.

Dialer Everywhere – Having a great dialer inside the Salesloft platform is one thing. Making that dialer available for click-to-call in Gmail, Salesforce and one-click access on any page within your Chrome browser gives you all the reasons you need to rely on the best dialer available.

We’re excited to continue serving your needs in 2018.