12 days of #saleslove

Let’s kick our 4th annual 12 Days of #saleslove off with our CEO! Hear our company core values straight from Kyle Porter and learn about the future of sales and Salesloft.

Alan, one of our Enterprise Account Executives, walks us through 5 tips on cold calls. He’ll share his tips on making those first dials, voicemail best practices, what to do if you’re rejected, and more!

Todd is our Director of Deal Desk and he’s sharing his perspective on how to best work with Deal Desk during this crunch-time, especially with the current economic environment. He shares the top three things that he sees our best sellers do and that you should do too!

Hear from Ellie Fields, our Chief Product Officer, and Adam Gardner, one of our Senior Product Managers as they drop the latest Salesloft product updates, exciting new features, and get a sneak peek into what’s coming (or maybe already here).

Q4 is always a stressful time of year–big quotas to hit while fitting in holidays and vacation time. Plus, the addition of a recession makes for an even more stressful end of the year. Now, more than ever, is time to prioritize your mental health. These tips are quick, easy ways to make sure you don’t burn out before 2023 even begins.

Personalization within a cadence is crucial, but it’s easier said than done. Charlotte Johnson, an Account Executive at Salesloft, is here to share how to maintain personalization throughout a cadence–especially in the later steps. This helps keep your outreach relevant and personal to each of your prospects and customers.

Taderal is our Senior Graphic Designer and our in-house creative-guru. Taderal is sharing ways to encourage creative thinking in the workplace, how collaboration can help your team work better, and why fostering creativity can help you attract and keep your best employees.

Darby, one of our Sales Engineers, is a cadence guru and has some ideas to help diversify your cadence options. Try out her Top 3 (non-prospecting) cadences to help simplify your processes, prevent customers and prospects from falling through the cracks, and to utilize marketing content to your advantage.

Our new Vice President of Demand Gen, Carol Hague, has worked with a variety of sales and marketing teams and has some tips to share around making your pipeline work for you to help hit quota consistently and to keep your forecasting accurate.

Check out what one of our VP’s of Enterprise Sales has to say about the culture you create within your revenue organization. Amanda Georgoff is an incredible sales leader and knows what it takes to win as a team and how to foster that culture to keep your sales organization in tip top shape.

Alexandra is one of our top performing SDRs here at Salesloft and she’s here to share how she works within the Salesloft platform every day. She’s lifting the curtain on using insights, targeting her prospects, how she optimizes her day, and what helps her hit her targets.

Whitney Moore, Senior Manager of Sales Development, is sharing ways to stay competitive in your market by making the most of your SDR/BDR teams by working with them and utilizing all their insights to help with your campaigns and talk tracks.

Open and effective communication between sales teams and customer success teams is critical for your customer experience but also makes the internal partnership and work environment better. Jackie Reale, a Senior Customer Success Manager here, is sharing why and how working together is better for you and better for customers (and your retention).

Natasha Evans is back again to close our our 12 Days of Saleslove and to share the value of Salesloft, customer resources, and what you can expect from our Customer Success teams going into 2023.