Increase Productivity and Effectiveness. Reduce Complexity and Cost.

Win Revenue Faster.

One selling tool for email?

Another for call recording?

An extra tool for forecasting?

Each of those comes with added costs, integration headaches, implementation meetings, contract management and more time training, so less time selling.

Use ONE platform for everything.

Salesloft is the one platform that reduces the complexity, frustration and cost of sales technology overlap. Make every seller your best seller with insight-driven, action-focused workflows that get your team to “Yes” faster.

Save Time And Cost, Generate More Revenue

The era of consolidation is here: 65% of sales and revenue leaders say they have too many tools with 56% reporting that revenue operations consolidation is a top priority

Organizations that implement Salesloft can consolidate 2/3 of the sales engagement tech stack and 50% of incremental resource managing additional vendors

Salesloft tops all other Sales Engagement platforms on G2’s 2022 Best Software Lists over the past 4 months, the Salesloft support team has received a 93.8% CSAT score

Source: InsightSquared, national online survey of B2B sales, operations, revenue, and marketing professionals, 2020.
Source: HBR The Sales Playbook of Successful B2B Teams.

How Does It Work? The Salesloft Platform:


Orchestrate every call, email, meeting, and interaction through one platform with all activities automatically synced to your CRM.


Increase win-rate by focusing on the most engaged prospects and nurturing deals with automated touchpoints.


Gain a real-time, accurate view of your pipeline to understand deal health and identify risks early.


Sleep well at night when your organization uses the #1 rated sales engagement platform for enterprise.

Increase revenue and productivity. Reduce costs and distractions for your sales team.

See what Salesloft can do for your organization.

The best-selling teams in the world use Salesloft to prospect more pipeline, close more deals, increase win rate and shorten deal cycles. Are you ready to join them?

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