Salesloft for Sales Managers

Leading a Team Is Hard Enough. Don’t Go It Alone.

We’re here to start filling the gap that exists between being an amazing individual sales executive and becoming an incredible sales leader.

New to the Sales Manager Role?

From individual contributor to people wrangler is a big (and kinda scary!) change, and it can be hard to know where to start. Check out our Sales Manager 101 resources to start learning the ropes.

Leveling Up?

Feel like you’ve got the basics down but aren’t sure what’s next? We’ve got you covered! Our Sales Manager 201 resources focus on the big picture and longer-term strategies for your role.

Expert Guidance

Sometimes you just need to see things in action, right? We’re all about making sales manager training more accessible for you. We identify and provide the resources you need to supercharge your skills.

Training avenues:

  • Virtually Accessible
  • Peer Connection
  • Balance & Belonging

Find Your Tribe

Whether you’re looking for peers to share wins with, or interested in finding an advisor to learn from, you are not alone. We share relevant industry events, groups and mentor networks to build those connections.

What is Salesloft for Sales Managers? We’re a network of people and resources for anyone who leads a team of front-line sales reps (SDRs, account executives). You could be a sales manager, a sales director, or even a regional VP — whatever title you hold, if you’re the first line of defense for a team of reps, we are here for you.

Why Sales Managers? Aren’t there enough resources out there for sales already? At Salesloft, we talk to a lot of people in sales. (It’s kind of a perk of the job!) And one thing kept coming up: Sales managers were feeling lost. Often promoted overnight from a rockstar rep to a people-wrangler, with few resources and little support. They didn’t have a place to go for manager-specific challenges, and ended up sharing spaces with closers or thought leaders. They couldn’t focus on the things that mattered to them, and they got lost in the shuffle. They were asking the same questions over and over again, but not finding the answers. There were one-off trainings scattered here and there, but almost never in their cities, and often not targeted at their role.

But at the same time, great sales managers make all the difference. Great sales managers hire, coach and retain great sales reps, and they have a clear, direct impact on a company’s bottom line. So why wasn’t anyone really focused on supporting them? That’s what we’re doing. We talked to more sales managers and asked about common pain points and needs. We listened, and we learned. And then we set out to begin to address those challenges, with content, training and connections. From resources to training to events, our community is with you, every step of the way.

We are here to start filling the gap that exists between being an amazing individual sales executive and becoming an incredible sales leader.

Ready For More?

Sales Manager 201 will take you to the next level.