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Sales Engagement with Salesforce: An Interactive Guide

1 min read
Dec. 8, 2016

Your CRM is table stakes for your sales team. With Salesforce leading the charge for years, every rep has their routine: updating leads, accounts, and notes. That’s great for organization, but does very little for the actual act of selling. Cue the entry of sales engagement platforms – making it easier than ever to craft personal correspondences, dial prospects, and understand performance.

But having Salesforce AND a sales engagement tool can be a problem if they’re not integrated. This manifests itself in poor time management (through no fault of the sales rep), as the system demands constant shifts between software.

Luckily, bridging the gap between Salesforce and your sales engagement platform is getting easier every day. Whether you’re a Sales Development Rep, Sales Operations leader, or focus on Full Cycle sales, we’ll show you how bring Salesforce, your sales engagement software, and your team into perfect alignment.