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One And Done: The Email That Will Get You A Demo

3 min read
Updated Oct. 18, 2023
Published Jul. 17, 2015

Personalization is powerful. No matter the arena, people like to feel special, individualized, and important. Personalization creates that sense of uniqueness in a crowd, and can truly make a prospect feel like VIP.

But personalization takes time, and time isn’t always on the side of a sales development rep. Managing the balance between personalization and automation can be a challenge for a sales development rep trying to touch hundreds of prospects in a day.

We’ve talked about ways to streamline the SDR process without losing personalization, and semi-automation continues to be the best practice. And when it comes to the game of personalization at scale, the customizable email template is your reigning MVP.

The Only Email You Need

Of course, when determining the ratio of customization and automation in your templates, there’s no perfect email. But in Salesloft SDR Manager, Lydia Henderson’s case, we think this one comes pretty damn close:


With this customized email template, Lydia was able to set over 29 demos in 17 business days. When we asked her, “What about a second email template for the next touch?” Her response was simple.

I’m not getting to email two. With this personalized email, I’m setting demos in just one touch.

10% personalization in the introduction, 80% template, and 10% closing personalization gave her email the edge it needed to increase open, click and reply rates exponentially:

  • 61% increase open rate

  • 526% increase click rate

  • 343% increase reply rate

Just a little prospect research and a balanced personalization to template ratio was proving to be the magic bullet to reaching prospects in the first touch. So much so, that a Salesloft prospect of Lydia’s actually reached out and asked for her advice on formulating the perfect email. Using this customized template, she too was able to set a demo in her first touch.

This is awesome! I got an appointment without calling them already! Just like you said 🙂 – Amy, Salesloft Prospect

We’re not saying that this email will work forever (or even at all) — especially if you don’t test it regularly. Use A/B testing to find the right balance of customization in your email templates. Measure your results, and then test again. Every process is unique, which is precisely why personalization and semi-automation are crucial with sincerity at scale.

Try this email template today and let us know if it scores you a demo on your first touch. What have you got to lose?