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8 Reasons Sales Development Is Your Key To Higher Revenue (Inspired by Topo)

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May. 23, 2014

The sales development team is the biggest innovation to happen to the sales process over the last decade. -David Cummings

We believe that sales development is the future for many truly successful sales teams.

So when Craig Rosenberg published this masterpiece on TOPO’s blog, we fell in love. In one of the sections, he highlighted 8 reasons you should invest in a sales development team.

Here they are in slide-deck fashion:

Craig’s 8 key points for sales development:

1. Connecting With Prospects Requires Time And Resources
2. A Fast, Standardized Lead Follow-Up Process Is The Key To Conversion
3. Converting A Lead To An Opportunity Requires Its Own Playbook And Subsequent Training And Coaching
4. Sales Development Means A Higher Lead To Opportunity Conversion
5. Marketing And Contact Data Is Vastly Improved With Sales Development
6. Sales And Marketing Alignment
7. Increased Productivity And Efficiency from Quota-Carrying Sales Reps = More Revenue
8. Your Buyer Wants You To Follow-Up