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Your company is unique. Just like your company’s processes and workflows. Customizable governance controls allow you to better coordinate your team’s activities to align with your business objectives.

SalesLoft’s governance capabilities provides sales organizations with the tools needed to balance operational control with individual autonomy. Create customized roles for every persona in your organization driven by their role, level, or function.

Create Customized Roles for Every Persona in Your Organization Driven by Their Role, Level or Function.
Full Profile Customization

Admins gain complete visibility and control of security and administration privileges of SalesLoft user roles – governing what they can see and do.

Create Limitless Profiles

Create and define as many custom roles as your organization needs in a single step and fine-tune as your organization grows.

Scalable for Teams of All Sizes

A full range of options including default roles/permissions for smaller teams to fully-customizable options for more sophisticated enterprises.

As a Sales Leader, your days are busy. SalesLoft drives an organization-wide focus on activities that generate revenue. Our platform helps you and your team achieve your numbers and engage with customers.

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Organize Your Teams by Function, Location, Role, or Vertical for Segmented Reporting.

Admins can create groups of users to better manage, enable, and measure their success.

Company Management Settings

Configurable sync options linking to Salesforce so there are never gaps in your data.

Account-Based Contact Controls

Admins can automatically flag a company (and all associated employees) by domain so you never reach out to the wrong organizations.

Cadence Safeguards

SalesLoft triggers smart alerts to users attempting to add a person to more than one cadence, mitigating the risk of people being engaged by multiple reps.

Role Groups

Create as many custom groups for your users as your organization needs based on function and hierarchy.

Segmented Analytics

Creating role groups allows managers to segment their analytics for better enablement, reporting, and management.

Segment Permissions by Group

Designate which groups have access to specific templates, cadences, analytics, and ownership data.

See How SalesLoft Keeps You Secure.

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SalesLoft Knows Single Sign-on

SalesLoft offers single sign-on with major identity providers (IdP’s) such as Duo, Okta and OneLogin streamlining user on- and off-boarding and empowering customers with more dynamic security options.

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