Become an Integration Partner

Want to partner with the leading sales engagement platform? Build an integration and become part of the Integration Partner Program. Let’s grow shared customers, together.

Are you ready for your Salesloft Integration Partnership?
Some of the most innovative companies in the world have already integrated with Salesloft. In order to enter the program, you must share our philosophy of creating a better buying experience, share joint customers, and meet a few other criteria.
Shared customers?

If your customers are already using Salesloft, you found the right place.

Shared Philosophy?

If you strive to help your customers create better selling experiences every single day, let’s chat.

Ready to Integrate?

Are your engineers ready to take advantage of our open platform full of robust APIs and endpoints? Let’s make it happen.

Current Salesloft Partners

Visit the App Directory to see a full list of current partners.

Why innovative companies love the Salesloft Integration Partner Program

The Salesloft App Directory isn’t just a listing. It is the go-to place for sales organizations to learn about new technologies that can be used to create a better buying experience for their customers.

Access to co-marketing

Salesloft marketing team is here to help. We arm our integration partners with the resources they need to get started and build a path to our distribution channels. Ultimately we want to grow together!

Events, Events, Events

At Salesloft, we love events. We love having our integration partners involved even more. Enjoy opportunities to partner with us on global events, discounted tickets, and sponsorship opportunities.

Product Support

Once in the program, our integrations team is eager to help our partners through robust developer portal, direct access to the team, and on-going enhancements in the API documentation. We can’t wait to help you build for the joint customer!

Our mission is to grow an ecosystem of valuable integrations to enable our customers to deliver a better sales experience by:
Serving (joint) customers first

Promote integrations providing value to our customer, build for the customer, and let the customer choose.

Investing in the success of integration partners

Create an ecosystem for our integration partners, be consciously transparent with integration partners, and remain agnostic and treat our integration partners with integrity.

Enabling innovation by supporting our developer community

Support API development and enable innovation.

Explore the Developer Portal for the technical information you need to build your integration.

Which tier is right for you?
Building within Salesloft is more than just an integration. We will always invest in the success of our partners and strive to facilitate innovation.

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Build an integration with the Salesloft Sales Engagement Platform and grow your business.