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When (Sales) Opportunities Knock

December 3, 2018

Opportunities are both a core component of your sales cycle and a leading indicator of the success of your revenue team. Your SDRs are hustling to create them. Your AEs are actively working them and bringing them over the line. Your success team is keeping current customers happy and renewing them.

Now your entire sales organization can benefit from an enhancement to our Salesforce Opportunity data sync. This provides you with automation rules that make working off of Salesforce Opportunities in Salesloft more seamless than ever before. We’re excited to announce three automation rules based off of changes to the Opportunity Stage field, giving you the ability to celebrate wins and shift cadence focus to match the status of a deal.

These enhancements make working off of Opportunities more seamless:

  • Send a Slack message – Managers want to stay on top of where opportunities are in the sales pipeline. Teams want to celebrate when deals close. By triggering Slack messages from Opportunity Stage changes, Salesloft teams get an instant notification when these updates happen. This functionality enables managers to better support their team and team members to take part in each others’ successes.
  • Add Opportunity people to a cadence – Team members can create cadences to support specific paths in the sales process. For example, when a post-discovery meeting is scheduled or a contract is sent out. Automating the addition of relevant people to these cadences based on the Opportunity Stage change eliminates additional clicks and ensures that team members will follow up with their opportunities.
  • Remove Opportunity people from all cadences – It is key to ensure that handoffs and other process changes are managed flawlessly. By triggering an automatic removal of certain sets of People from cadences at the appropriate time, managers ensure proper communication to accounts entering different phases of the sales cycle.

We’re confident this enhancement will provide your sales teams with new levels of insight. Not to mention opening the door to more engagement with your customers.

Thank you for allowing Salesloft to continue to serve you. We are always excited to hear your feedback. If you have any questions, please check out the support article on Opportunities or Automation Rules, or contact [email protected].