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Understand Sales Cadence Performance at a Glance

March 11, 2019

Sales is a tactical game, requiring the right intelligence at the right time. Today, many sales organizations lack the tools, technologies, and repeatable go-to-market processes needed to grow pipeline, expand their total marketable universe, and meet sales leadership’s ambitious growth plans.

How can sales leaders improve their bottom line without understanding how their activities are performing?

Enter Salesloft.

Salesloft’s reporting and analytics are built on open-data API, empowering sales and operations leaders to view their data their way.

Driving Accountability

Every organization is unique. No two processes look the same.

Cadence Reporting from Salesloft supplies the actionable insights that professionals need to optimize performance, improve effectiveness, and scale success of their cadenced process.

“The power of the cadence engine for generating pipeline is undeniable. The accountability, reproducibility and efficiency it brings is unsurpassed by any other technology.” – Butler Raines, Vice President of Product at Salesloft

Salesloft makes it easy to understand success at a glance. Breaking down complex sales data into what leaders really want to know: are their sales activities effective?

  • Measure. Cadence Reporting offers new, granular insight into cadence engagement, empowering team members and managers to more accurately understand cadence performance and identify top performers.
  • Coach. Transparency around cadence engagement and process adherence empowers managers to easily compare performance between reps and cadence styles, enhancing their ability to focus on coaching and onboarding where it will have the most impact.
  • Optimize. Process adoption is a crucial part of successful teams and insight into call execution and success empowers organizations to tweak their process for maximized results. By understanding how cadences perform, compared to one another, sales professionals are better able to hone their process for success.

Customizable and Configurable

Cadence Reporting offers a detailed view of how Cadences are performing to better understand success. The report displays metrics based on selected filter settings which can be updated in real-time and exported for external use.

Further refine the report view through sorting options, such as:

  • Name. The name of the Cadence.
  • Type. Personal or Team Cadence.
  • Owner. Typically the person who created the Cadence.
  • Calls. Number of calls logged from the Cadence.
  • Emails. Number of emails sent from the Cadence.
  • Bounces. Number of emails sent from the Cadence that resulted in a bounced email.
  • Opens. Number of times an email sent from the Cadence resulted in an open or view.
  • Clicks. Number of times an email sent from the Cadence resulted in a click.
  • Replies. Number of replies to an email sent from the Cadence.

Salesloft, Restlessly Reinventing

The Salesloft approach to reporting isn’t limited to the Salesloft interface. We offer a number of reporting integrations, dashboards, and features to ensure leaders have access to the data they need to succeed.

custome reports

Our open-data API reporting infrastructure empowers leaders to access their data from their preferred Business Intelligence (BI) tools with real-time custom reports, data visualizations, and configurable dashboards.

Insight from Salesloft offers leaders and operations professionals an inside look into Salesloft activities and performance within Salesforce. This configurable dashboard offers the granular view needed to empower accurate forecasting and scale for success.

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We are grateful to have you here with us on this journey, and we hope you feel the #saleslove with this announcement, our past announcements, and the ones that are just around the corner. For more information, check out the support article on Cadence Reporting, or contact [email protected].