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SalesLoft Product Release: Converting Team Templates

January 4, 2017

Templates are the backbone of your team’s email cadences, and thanks to our recent release, creating Team Templates in Salesloft just got even easier.

By converting personal templates to team templates, the Team Templates feature gives modern sales leaders the ability to create, share, measure, and update templates for their entire team, and empower them with the most effective and highest performing email templates, wherever they may be.

Team Templates allow sales leaders to:

  • Create original content for their entire team
  • Monitor version control to ensure templates are always up to date
  • Track template performance across the entire organization

Thanks to Team Templates, sales and demand generation leaders now have control, visibility, scalability, and insight into how their sales team communicates with prospects and customers, allowing reps to focus on what matters most: having more impactful and meaningful conversations.

Here’s how to convert your templates in seconds:

  1. Choose any single or group of personal templates
  2. Click the convert button
  3. Choose if you want to keep the existing template stats
  4. View converted templates now available for the rest of your team

Thank you for enabling Salesloft to continue to serve you, and we’re excited to hear your feedback!

As always, please let us know what you think. If you have any questions please check out the Knowledge Base, or contact [email protected].